What happens when a child of four years driving a truck? The answer in this video

Volvo puts in the hands of a girl of four years one of their trucks to challenge your stamina and durability. Since then the guys at Volvo Trucks know how to do that is to spread its brand of trucks through the social networks. Do you remember the famous epic split of Jean Claude Van-Damme on moving trucks?

For Volvo, safety is prepended to all and it is for this reason that the small Sophie Brown, the conducting of tests, conduct the test from a distance and height is completely out of the reach of the truck driven remote-control. The knobs control the steering, accelerator and brake, while the gear changes it does so autonomously.

The truck goes through a closed circuit full of tests, everything is done in a safe environment with buildings that are empty and sealed with the specialist people located at a safe distance. The driver is having fun with the truck to its whim, making him printed against a house, and even giving turns of bell going down an embankment.

Volvo Trucks has starred in various videos that are characterised by their imagination to advertise trucks. Part of the video of Sophie and Van Damme, she has also starred in a series composed of several short chapters with the collaboration of the artist Mapei, and even a unique duel with a Koenigsegg One:1.

The advertisement announces to the Volvo FMX as the truck more resistant which have constructed the swedes, a vehicle for professionals which now includes the Automatic Control of Traction.