What happens when you drive a truck to a 4 years old girl? Volvo has done (video)

We congratulate Volvo. Or better said, we would like to congratulate the publishers of its subsidiary trucks, Volvo Trucks. The trucks, apparently, are boring and only interesting to those who, by their profession, are in the business of transportation. How the hell I could get a truck manufacturer that one of their ads reached a scope on Youtube of 80 million reproductions? Very simple, by throwing himself into the jaws of the viral advertising. And as far as viral was concerned, it seems that the swedes know very well what they do. For example, the last video in the submit to one of their trucks to the test, to let a 4 years old girl will have fun joyride.

Volvo Trucks is responsible for one of the ads viral most remembered of the last few years, the Jean-Claude Van Damme.

As safety is the first thing, the little Sophie Brown was in charge of driving this truck with a tipper body by using remote controls, using an automation of the steering and the pedals, which could allow operation at a distance, as if a giant spiffy little rig remote control it were. By the way, in the circuit of improvised created by Volvo for the occasion, they would have installed all kinds of testing, slopes, wading, and other obstacles, which would claim to show that there is no stopping to a Volvo, nor to this small, that has probably become a reality one of the dreams that we all had small, to handle a remote control car to actual size (and destroy a lot of things by the way).

In any case, and much that is still struggling with the advertisers of Volvo, our ad favorite, and the one who accumulates more than 80 views on Youtube, will continue to be the one of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Source: Volvo Trucks
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