What has begun extinction? Norway will prohibit the sale of vehicles of internal combustion in 2025

According to a multitude of sources, the government of Norway would have come to an agreement by the shall prohibit the sale of vehicles of internal combustion in only 9 years. In 2025, it will be impossible to buy vehicles that are not electric or hydrogen powered. Norway had already promised to ban the vehicles that are powered by fossil fuels by 2050, but all of its political parties have worked together and agreed upon – a utopia in places like Spain – a bill advanced by this prohibition in 25 years.

Norway is not a country friendly to the internal-combustion vehicle, whose use is completely discouraged.

The source of this news is the prestigious newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, there is a rumor that circulates on the Internet and has been magnified in search of a holder easy. If this bill is approved by Congress, the cars that you can buy in Norway from 2025 onwards will not burn even a single gram of fossil fuels. This news should not cogernos by surprise, it is more, you could see it coming. During the past few months we have been giving clues that they announced the definitive end of the motorsports traditional in the nordic country.

beneficios-electricos-noruega-02-1440pxNorway has already banned the transit of private vehicles in the centre of Oslo to the year 2019 and its national energy plan has already streamlined from years ago, the use of fossil fuels. If you want access to the centre of Oslo by car, you must pay a toll, as already happens in cities such as London. Norway is an oil exporting country, but for years gravel with high hardness fuels – the liter of gasoline is around two euros – and the acquisition of new vehicles, with taxes close to 100%.

A large part of the income of Norway is derived from the sale of oil, which is confident to continue selling at a sustainable pace.

In neighbouring Denmark this tax is over 150% of the value of the car, giving rise to surreal situations occur: a city as the SEAT Mii costs about 40,000 euros – but that is another story. At the same time, has subsidized more than any other country on the use of electric cars. We are not surprised that the one of every four cars sold in Norway are electric cigars, and that two of every three are electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrids. Is the european market more profitable for Tesla Motors.

beneficios-electricos-noruega-03-1440pxwhile the perks to electric will be rationalised from 2018 – the park of electric increases more and more – it will not disappear completely. Everything seems to indicate that the only exceptions to the sale of alternative propulsion vehicles will be in remote areas without power supply simple, emergency vehicles and other basic public services – as buses, ambulances or garbage collection. And even so, this type of services will rely heavily on clean fuels such as LPG or CNG.

Interestingly, Norway is one of the countries most wild in terms of culture automotive. The preparations originating in Norway are extreme, and his famous event Gatebil brings together the biggest addicted to gasoline imaginable.

Source: Gizmodo