What has filtered the catalog of the Toyota Supra 2018? No, and we explain why it is false

Toyota Supra 2018 - catálogo filtrado

The course catalog factory filtering of the Toyota Supra 2018. It is fake.

Is one of the “news” that has left us this Monday morning. And is that supposedly has filtering the catalogue of the factory of the new Toyota Supra 2018 revealing such important details as the measurements and range of engines that will have the expected japanese sports in his return to the life which “phoenix”. Many media are giving valid this filtration, but in Engine.is and after making a thorough investigation, we can anticipate that is false.

So it is, the image you see above is nothing more than a mounting mode of a joke that a publication in japan has made to its readers and that will include in the next issue of march. Good, but better let’s get into the details and begin to discover the reasons why we are faced with a fake catalog of the new generation of the Toyota Supra. That said, let’s take as a reference point in the image that heads the article, the alleged leak.

we’re Going to explain it graphically, and detailed step-by-step so that it is not necessary to have a knowledge of japanese and discover the reasons why reveal that it is a catalog false. In the first place, we must set on these letters are located in the white circle located in the upper left on the first page. In those letters, we can read the name of a japanese magazine car called “Holiday Auto Magazine“.

Toyota Supra 2018 - catálogo filtrado

The first evidence that something is not right. In that white circle you can read the name of the publication japanese Holiday Auto Magazine“.

In the web page of Holiday Auto Magazine, we can see the number of the magazine of the month of march.
A detail that explains to us the reason of that in the “catalogue” reference is made
to “March 2017”. The magazine came to newsstands japanese the past 10
February, which explains to us that we get now
catalog, as offered as a supplement with this number of the

Right in the image below (an assembly of the cover and the
index of the journal) you can see what we discussed a few lines above.
Our level of japanese you can still define as “amateur” so don’t
we can translate all the text that appears. Now, at this point, are
two things are clear.
The “filtration”
corresponds to a japanese magazine
that included a catalog of Toyota
Above. Then,
what is a catalog
true? Not

Toyota Supra 2018 - catálogo filtrado

In the index, up to the right, you can read the catalog fake Toyota Supra comes along with the magazine.

What we see in the picture that heads the article
and who is to come swarming by the network for a few hours, corresponds to
a photo of your “supplement”. Here we leave the
in the original image
good quality for you to see the corresponding image allegedly
filtered. In addition, she did not see the Above final production. This is the Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept.

Toyota Supra 2018 - catálogo filtrado

original Image of the supplement of march of the japanese magazine Holiday Auto Magazine.

“NANCHATTE”, the key of all

As you can read in the original image of the supplement to the japanese magazine, just below of Above can be read “Holiday Auto “NANCHATTE” Original Scoop Catalogue”. What do you mean? In japanese, the word “Nanchatte” comes to mean something as a joke. From the first time we are warned that it is a catalog of joke created by the average japanese to amuse their readers who come expecting the launch of the new generation of the Toyota Supra.

in Addition, is not the first time that make a “move” of this type. In its day it did the same with the Honda NSX, you can see below the supplement that the japanese media did to liven up the wait of the release of the new NSX.

Honda NSX - catálogo

In its day, the japanese magazine has done the same with the Honda NSX.

do you Want to say that all of the figures exposed in this alleged leak are false? As well we have been anticipating in recent months, the new Toyota Supra 2018 will have a range of engine source BMW four-and six-cylinder as well as a hybrid variant high-performance. The collaboration of BMW and Toyota in the development of both the BMW Z5 as the Toyota Supra will be a patent on key elements such as the paragraph mechanical.

however, and although we would have liked to tell you that the figures that we anticipate this course “catalogue factory” of the Toyota Supra 2018 to be certain, they are not. So we will have to continue waiting for a definitive answer.