What has in common an Ariel Atom and a Honda NSX? Ariel could use the hybrid technology of Honda

Ariel Atom is one of the alternatives most extreme of the market, a car that lightened up the end, use a mechanical Sling to leave us with a radical and playful proposal in the that chassis multitubular accounts for the bulk of our attention. Due to their lightweight constitution, and its nature, car, wild, the last thing you would expect is in a mecánica hybrid… isn’t it? Well, it seems that Ariel and Honda may have a surprise prepared in this electric power steering.

Ariel would have already reviewed prior to the use of hybrid technology from Honda, but none of the options offered up until now had been quite interesting:

Simon Saunder, head of Ariel, has said in a statement picked up by Coach, after the launch of the Honda NSX the hybrid technology employed by the “Ferrari japanese” might come in some way to the Ariel Atom.

Obviously the use of this technology would not have a purpose “eco” but after use will hide the search for a better dynamic, relying on the torque delivery immediately of the electric motors. Even so, it is obvious that, beyond the improvement of performance, will also benefit from a lower fuel consumption, and therefore, in the future, will be able to cope better “armed” to emission regulations more stringent, and even avoid traffic restrictions.

Is more, Saunder believes that an Ariel Atom is entirely electric, it would make a lot of sense.

When do we see? it Seems that the project become a reality, we still have a few steps ahead, but since then it’s really interesting to see as a mark of low-volume, specialized and radical cut doesn’t look the other way when talking about hybrid technology or electric power.