What has that to see the Opel Badge with this boat? More than you can imagine

few days Ago a golf cart, now a boat… but no, quiet, not we have become crazy, her presence on the cover of motor is more than justified and if, after the development of that golf cart was Mercedes in this boat we find a signature of cars involved and that is that Opel has been commissioned to give shape to the outboard motor that goes with it.

This diesel engine, named as Oxe, is based on the propellant diesel of 2 litres and 4 cylinders that gives life to the Opel Cabrio, Opel Insignia and the Opel Zafira. A mechanic that occurs in Germany, in the plant Kaiserslautern and it now gives the jump of the roads to the water.

the engine develops now, in his periplus, sailing, 200 hp 4,100 rpm, with a torque of 400 Nm at 2,500 rpm.

does The consumption of this propellant? Of 4.3 l/100 km it consumes an Opel Insignia with this propellant, with 170 horses, we come now with a consumption of 43 liters per hour, a figure which, although it may be surprising, is 42% less than what they would consume propellant 2-stroke equivalent.

undoubtedly a good way to give a new life to an engine already developed, both to dilute the costs of developing initial as to give more workload to the assembly line.