What hides a Toyota C-HR under the skin of the Lexus UX?

Lexus has surprised us with a new crossover. Vale, is still conceptual yes, but we already know Lexus… called Lexus UX, and we still know very little of him, in fact we have only seen a photograph, an image that, looking good, seems to hide another SUV yes we already know a little bit more… is there a Toyota C-HR under the skin of this Lexus?

If you are linked to the Toyota C-HR can be imagined under the hood the mechanics of hybrid Toyota Prius

As you are warned of the presence of this new Lexus in the Paris, as I contemplated the wheel arches and especially the gate of your trunk and their optical thought of the new SUV of Toyota, the Toyota C-HR…

This would imply the presence of the new platform TNGA under the skin of this Lexus, something entirely logical and even we could imagine as the presence of the mechanical hybrid of 122 horses that we are already in the Toyota Prius and that has been also announced for the C-HR.

we Still have much to learn from this conceptual model, and therefore even more of the alleged production version derived from it. We imagine that in the Paris Salon we will have more details about it, will I be able to find “conditions” to this new SUV and we can have more details of the version that, hopefully, we will see in the streets.

toyota-c-hr-2016-08 what Has been born a rival for the Audi Q2?