What hides this Mercedes C-Class? No, it is not the long-awaited “facelift”


¿What’s behind this mysterious Mercedes C-Class? You discover in this article.

just a few hours our photographers have managed to capture their objectives in this mysterious Mercedes C Class. To the naked eye, and in line with the spy photos that we publish in the month of April, it would seem that we are faced with the long-awaited “facelift” (face washing) of the Class C. however, it is not so, in the bowels of this unit test hide things more important than a simple game of bumper new.

And is, as we can see in these pictures, this Mercedes C-Class presents a bumper camouflaged. Something that in principle is consistent with the long-awaited Mercedes C-Class 2018, face washing mid-cycle that it will launch Mercedes-Benz to revitalize your sedan and counteract the thrust of its main rivals. But no, what we see in these spy photos is a Mercedes C-Class by performing a mechanical test.

¿What type of mechanical test? In the bottom image, you have the key to these spy photos. through the tire, we can catch a glimpse of something strange. What a cover that hides the brake? What might a brake for greater performance to break a C-Class more powerful? In particular, it is a system of KERS with a hub that integrates a small electric motor. So, Mercedes is testing a C-Class equipped with a system of recovery of kinetic energy.


through the wheel we see a system of KERS with a hub that integrates an electric motor.

Is the key to this Mercedes C-Class that we’ve hunted. If we look at the rest of areas of the exterior, including the rear, you will not find anything unusual. However, and in the case of power take a furtive look under its hood we will find the surprise to be in front of a mechanic that we can define as electrified. As well we will see later, this technology of energy recovery plays a major role in hybrid or electric vehicles.

The hybrid range of the Mercedes C-Class

today, the C-Class Mercedes-Benz is available with two hybrid versions. By one hand we have the Class C 300h with a system consisting of a diesel engine supported by a small electric block and that allows us to disconnect the combustion engine when we drive at speeds lower than 160 km/h. On the whole, the hybrid system yields a power of 231 HP.

The other option is a plug-in hybrid marketed under the label Class C 350e. Equipped with a regenerative braking system, it is possible to recharge the battery system in circulation. Offers a range of 31 km in mode 100% electric. In addition, its battery can also be recharged by connecting the C-Class 350e to any charging point.


Mercedes-Benz is working on the “facelift” of the C-Class, but this is a mechanical test.

¿Where you fit into this
test of KERS?
it Is clear that in the future, when you get to the market the
new Mercedes C Class 2018, the mark of the star will take advantage to
changes level mechanical. It is for this reason the testing of this type
it is crucial to improve the current technology. In addition, this type of
systems are essential to increase the performance of hybrid systems or in
pure electric vehicles, as we have seen throughout this article.