What hides this mysterious prototype Mercedes G-Class 2018?

In these last few weeks, we are being witnesses of how the
German engineers from Mercedes press the accelerator in the development of the
new Mercedes G-Class 2018. The project the new generation of the iconic off-road is still ongoing and each
time we discover new details of the same. We managed to take a
out on several occasions to the new G-Class and recently “we take the
glove” to the version more sporty and radical of the range, the Mercedes-AMG G63 2018.

Mercedes G4X4 Largo 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy of a mysterious prototype Mercedes s Class G.

however, the spy photos here we show you add a touch mysterious to the development of the new Mercedes Class G. How To what kind of prototype are we now? size and shapes reveal to us that we are dealing with a model that is more long that the prototype caught by our photographers to date. In addition, the various panels used by engineers to hide what is under them increase, yet the unknowns.

it Is clear that they want to hide the body that there is under them, for it has covered virtually the entire vehicle (except the front). Leaving to one side their reasonable resemblance to a “shoe box”, we wonder what will be under the panels. what Will make act of presence in the new generation G-Class another body? Without a doubt, this is the most reasonable option.

throughout the history of the Mercedes G-Class we can say that their bodies “traditional” have been the following: two-door roadster, the base of three and five doors as well as a oriented to a more commercial. To this we must add that many of the versions that have made the range of the G-Class have been offered (depending on the market) in two types of battle: normal and extended. In Spain, Mercedes calls their models of battle extended as “Long”.

Mercedes G4X4 Largo 2018 - foto espía

Account with a wheelbase extended to increase the size of your trunk and interior space.

that Said, and returning to these spy photos, we have on one side the obvious fact that it is a prototype with a battle extended, while on the other hand, the camouflage is concentrated in the rear area. A behind that looks very bent and that could also be part of all the items added to confuse us. In addition, alongside this we have some changes in the grille and the air inlets located in the front bumper.

Currently in Spain, the Mercedes G-Class can only be purchased with a single body (if we omit the model with six wheels). With the development of the new generation it is clear that Mercedes wants to increase the range of possibilities. The new G-Class will be more efficient and technological, so that it will comply with the emission regulations. In this way, it is logical to think that the mark of the star you want to create a more complete range and varied with which to get a higher revenue for the development of this new generation. Although all options are open.

in spite of this, we will have to wait to continue clearing the unknowns surrounding this prototype of Class G. we Hope that our photographers can photograph it more closely soon.