What hides this mysterious Renault Espace battle extended?


Hunted almost no camouflage, and in the full light of day.

We have been able to discover one of the best kept secrets of Renault. So well hidden, that even studying their images we are not able to assure you to that we are. As you can see in this series of spy pictures, our photographers have managed to capture a strange mule of tests of the Renault Espace current. Mule to the naked eye does not seem to have anything strange, as we looked in his rear we discover with astonishment the immense step of wheel.

This prototype has a wheelbase tremendously extended, as suggested by the images in around 30 centimeters, so the engineers of the French brand have had to look for the obvious hole for the wheel is much further back from where you usually arrange the Espace.

The gap resulting has not been covered with anything, so it is the air the great void of the rear wheel arch, and the lack of camouflage, we can clearly see the differences around the rear wheel, in the C-pillar and the rear bumper, to be able to fit the new dimensions.


The remaining space is very large.

The purpose of this mule is a mystery. It is clear that this unit test is the basis for the development of a new model, and that this you have at least 30 cm distance between axles that the Espace, which already has a battle of 2,884 mm. so that we can speak of a distance between axles of more than 3.1 meters. A S-Class long wheelbase has 3.165 mms of distance between axles.

The Espace current is based on the platform CMF-CD (Common Module Family) that employ a large part of models Renault and Nissan in Europe, among which we can find the new Megane, Talisman, Qashqai and X-Trail. Of all of them the Espace is the largest and the more battle you have, so that we would not know to point out to that future model belongs to this new mule.

Given that the Espace already has a version of 7 seats,
the candidates with the most logical would be a new large SUV or a
, although given the market conditions it would be more logical to think
in the first option. Currently, the only Suv 7-seater in those
ranges are the X-Trail and the new Koleos, so that what secret hides
this strange mule testing.?