What if Audi Sport create cars propelled rear? As eye to these statements…

Audi is a brand that has always defended “to the death” your system of all-wheel drive quattro. That if there are a lot more secure in adverse conditions, that if you can accelerate before the departures of the curves… it is certain that they are right, because it will always be easier to transmit the power from the engine to the asphalt with four wheels with two. wins a lot of motor skills. It has quite logic, isn’t it?

it is True that there are many benefits that are obtained with a system of all-wheel drive, but it is also true that a sports with four-wheel drive does not usually convey the same feelings, the same driving pleasure or the same fun that a car athletic propulsion rear or even front-wheel-drive. Quattro’s are too much for the site and their reactions are too noble to anyone looking for a car hot. It seems that Audi Sport has been realized (or wanted to realize) now.

Audi R8 Coupé Edition Audi Sport

why is all this that we are counting? Well, it turns out that the CEO of the brand, mr. Stephan Winklemann, has declared recently our co Auto Express the following: “I can imagine that we can also have cars with rear-wheel drive or two-wheel-drive in the future”. Is this a good news? Will depend on the tastes of each one, but we can not deny that you are a statement very striking.

does it make sense that Winklemann has made these statements? We don’t know if Audi Sport will need or do not actually intentions to develop and launch future products with traction on only one axle; but a movement like this, launching sports cars of propulsion, would give an extra pepper to their sports, which could to get closer to the products of Mercedes-AMG and BMW M by be cars more passionate, more fun and, ultimately, to transmit more pure sensation of driving. What will materialize? We also would like to know the answer…

Source – Auto Express

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