What if the Chevrolet Bolt EV came to Europe as a… Opel?

Opel Bolt EV recreación2016, as you know, is the year in which definitely Chevrolet has disappeared from Europe. With it have made models that have shared platforms, in many cases simple relogotipados, Opel, leaving the German mark to be fully operational in the european territory. But, what if you get some model Chevrolet with logo Opel? So it could happen with the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the new power that we all hope that appear in our continent under the brand name of the ray.

there is No official confirmation, but it would be a strategy to keep in mind. At the end of the day, with Chevrolet outside of Europe, Opel could put all the meat on the grill for selling an interesting electric car without canibalizarse sales with his sister american. This could occur, and Theophilus Chin imagine it from a recreation of the course Opel Bolt.

Opel Bolt EV recreaciónAs you know, the Bolt EV has been recently filed with the intention of to do in front of the BMW i3 in the segment of electric cars. It is a crossover with an aspect relatively conventional strip arguments electric to position itself in the market. It is a very interesting option, more when we have already known their data.

Generates 200 horse power, a figure more than reasonable and above average. Even, comparing it with a rival like, the BMW i3, it means a substantial increase in power. Unlike its rival German there is no carbon chassis or complex solutions in their manufacturing, but a set of batteries under the floor to reduce the center of gravity and allow the Bolt EV, a autonomy of no less than 320 miles in cycle EPA.

Translated to european data, less realistic, a Bolt with seal Opel in Europe is sold with a greater autonomy declared, which could finally give him a breath of strong air-to-market of electricity in Europe. Get what you would subtle change to recognize it as an Opel, for example with a new grille, headlights, tires, and a rear with new drivers. We will know in the next few months.

Source – Theophilus Chin