What if the Lexus IS had a family version?

From Japan the Lexus IS offers a really valid alternative to German hegemony in the segment, a segment where the above, where BMW , Mercedes and Audi offer alternative family unlike Lexus, but, how would a Lexus IS with familiar body?

No, unfortunately it seems no plans to enter a family Lexus IS.

To find out, to help our imagination, X-Tomi leaves us with a recreation that displays his usual good to show to perfection as destination would be the appearance of a hypothetical family version of the Lexus IS, a rival to the Audi A4 avant, for Mercedes C-Class Estate and the BMW 3 Series Touring.

Now, we have some bad news. Dreams, dreams are not, there is provided there is a family Lexus IS. There are no rumors or any of this evidence.

To learn more about the Lexus IS:

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