What if the Nissan Gripz becomes a reality?


Nissan Gripz: the future of crossovers as Nissan

Nissan Gripz has not gone unnoticed, was presented at the last Frankfurt show, but still gives what to talk about. The prototype coupe crossover it should be a simple advancement to the second generation of the Juke and the design language of the future SUV of Nissan. However can we unveil something more.

The future of the crossover expands into forms more sports and it seems that Nissan is willing to take this much further. As demonstrated in one of his last appearances in which he pointed out to the Gripz Concept as the future of its crossover. The japanese could dare to develop a crossover of sports genes to the second generation of the Juke.

sometimes the marks throw out trial balloons to to encourage the public to create opinions and to seek opportunities. In the last presentation of Nissan reviewed the current range crossover of the manufacturer, talking about the origins of the success that this taking the brand in this segment and the risky project’s Qashqai that had a unprecedented success.


A slide interesting during an event of Nissan

As one of the last slides that you showed us at the press conference was a little unnoticed, noted “Future of crossovers”.

a Nissan Z Crossover crazy, but what is certain is that this is an idea that may work is The segment of the sport will change influenced by the success of the SUV generalists?. The Nissan Juke-R there, a Juke with the engine in the GT-R that has not had problems in selling their limited production, though worth its weight in gold (more than 500,000 euros). In fact, it has counted with a second version based on the facelift Juke with a look and performance improved with 600 BHP that we have been able to try.

The reality is that other manufacturers have dared to make movements even more risky. Who imagined that Porsche dared to develop SUV’s (Cayenne and Macan) that in addition would have thrusters diesel? Without being able to avoid the initial dispute, finally have become products.

So it is not surprising that Nissan try to repeat the success of the Juke-R but to a lower scale, more accessible to the general public that look for a crossover different and very sporty. If the Macan can be very sporty despite the limitations of his body, Nissan can do the same with a Z.

do Not speak of a similar exercise to that of other vehicles that we know as the Audi RS Q3, which in the end is the butt-end of a compact SUV. We refer to a model Nissan Z created from scratch to be a sports body elevated. At present we have a Nissan Juke Nismo R. S. (218 HP) but this issue would still be the maximum exponent of the Juke conventional.

Although let’s hope that Nissan is sure of the Coupes and Roadster two-seater to which we are accustomed. The 370Z is already a model veteran, in 2009 it was launched the coupe and a year after the roadster, whose replacement should already be near. That’s not counting the lovers of Nissan await the arrival of a mini 370z of more affordable price that could compete with the Tobaru (Toyota GT-86 / Subaru BRZ)

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Nissan recognizes that inspired by the past, and to assess the progress and incredible innovations to the present is key in the creative process of their design department.

From the early stages of development of the Gripz, the design team was inspired by the legendary car rally 240Z. In fact, the classic models of the series Z have inspired the design of many Nissan’s over the years, as already happened with the Nissan 350Z and 370Z.