What if this BMW M2 CSL were true? While, we show you your render

we, humans, are species of non-conformists born. So it shows the last render of Automedia, a BMW M2 CSL, or what is the same, a M2 vitaminado. Like its big brother, the M4, which has a version CS, that was exclusive for a time only to Spain, and the most radical, the M4 GTS, the M2 could have a version more sporty -yet-.

The rendering is based on images and spy pictures of the M2 CS that we saw being tested at the Nürburgring. Like the BMW M4 GTS, the render Automedia wears it with a gray color, wheels, oranges, imposing air intakes in the front, and a huge spoiler on the rear. Sportsmanship and German design to fall in love with anyone.

In the interior, would be a turbocharged engine of 3 liters which would increase your power up to 408 HP, 38 HP more than the normal version of the BMW M2. All of this power delivery will be sent to the rear wheels through a gearbox 6-speed manual, or an automatic gearbox of double clutch M DKG 7-speed.

“The customers want a variety of different vehicles, M”, said Peter Quintus, head of Marketing BMW.

This statement of Quintus, certifies that the lovers of the bavarian manufacturer want more powerful cars and radicals. BMW has responded with the M4 CS and the M4 GTS, and you could now touch the turn on to the BMW M2 with versions CS and CSL. And, honestly, if the guys of the brand of blades you are thinking about these new options, it would be the perfect opportunity for to show the pedigree of the brand of Munich.

Although since the BMW M2 is a great car, capable of reaching 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 262 km/h, finally, if the bavarian manufacturer will carry out this project, it would be a great news.

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