What if Volvo also sumase fashionable SUV-coupe?

To begin with, the segment SUV -coupé is one of those niche fashion, I do not quite comprehend. It is a SUV be playing coupe with four seats and a more streamlined appearance, losing some of the practicality of a SUV along the way. Anyway, with BMW X4 and Mercedes GLE Coupe – and GLC Coupé on its way – it’s one of the most lucrative niches in recent years. If Volvo would produce one XC90 Coupe? Swedes dare to produce a product like this? Would he find space in today’s market?

Would it make sense Volvo XC90 with the four-door coupe body?

The guys at X-Tomi Design already have imagined, and promptly bring recreation to our screens. The front features a little more dynamic touches – Look at the bottom of the bumper – and from B-pillar to the car changes completely. Goodbye to your grid and practicality, hello line sloping ceiling , leading to a rear that looks pretty sharp. It really is not the most beautiful car I’ve seen lately, but I can understand that you might have some appeal.

For the dimensions of the Volvo XC90 usual, the Coupé have the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE his main competition Coupe . Competition where the price level is already a step above BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE in which they are based. The Volvo XC90 Coupe cost at least € 6,000 less than XC90 SUV and share this inside as well as its range of engines, including the T8 version. An interesting plug-in hybrid that combines a 2.0 turbo engine and an electric engine, developing a total of 400 hp.

Source: X-Tomi
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