What if we put more muscle and more power the Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

We love the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It is inevitable. More than 700 horse power, their muscular size, the fact that it is a rarity on this side of the world… but as it is inevitable to always want more Prior Design has put the glove to the muscle car Dodge and has done so even more wild.

After the step of wheel widened it hides a V8 engine powered up to the 900 horse:

Next to the sporty accents original we find a whole new set of elements, aerodynamic, new side skirts, canards, a new splitter, a new rear spoiler… although the most prominent element in your design comes from the hand of a few new flared wheel arches, ready to give the Challenger an extra muscle is unnecessary, but that we love.

Prior Design has not delved into the mechanical changes introduced, but it has been noted that its mechanics are lifted up even to the 900 horses.

let us Remember that originally the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has, like the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, with a mechanical V8 6.2-liter that developed 717 horses.