What is afoot SEAT with an Ibiza camouflaged and only three wheels?

Seat Ibiza 3WheelerMany ye shall see these images and you’re pulling the hairs aberrant that may result. What does a SEAT Ibiza with only three wheels? Well no, engineers Martorell have not gone head, and do not, nor does it have three wheels, they are four but very juntitas. And you wonder why carry a prototype (to call it somehow) of this model and with these features? well, the answer is simple.

In Germany young people can’t drive a car (normal and power) until they meet the age of majority. This age of majority is fixed, as in Spain, in the 18 years and as in our country the young germans can drive according to what models before the age of majority. In this case, the guys germans who wish to do so can driving vehicles reach a maximum speed of 80 km time, and your power is less than or equal to the 20 hp.

Seat Ibiza 3WheelerStarting from these premises we find few cars. However, if we go back in time, we can remember the old and popular BMW Isetta or the mini-mini Peel. These two models had three basic characteristics that are shared. The first is that there were only the three wheels; the second was a size outside, but that quite content and the third and last is that they were driven by engines is very small and economic.

In those years, these cars helped motorize thousands of people, but today this type of vehicles don’t have sense, with the exception of the creations with the best arguments to amuse the driver. This configuration is known as 3-Wheeler. For that, in Germany, a vehicle is considered a 3-Wheeler should have a back that is less than or equal to 46,5 centimeters, and that distance is what makes our SEAT Ibiza look like a the three wheels.

Seat Ibiza 3Wheelerwell, if the vehicle complies with this feature, the German government allows children under the age of 18 years, with the appropriate license, driving a 3-Wheeler. To do this, Auto Ellenrieder produces these curious transformations to the request of customers who wish to do so. This preparation uses the name of Ellenator and according to Auto Ellenrieder can be performed on many models of the market, although they also work with models such as the Volkswagen Polo or Skoda Fabia.

The cost of this modification is on the € 5,500 and implies modifications on the rear axle, fitness body to the new features of the model and could be understood that also the engine, since the power of this type of vehicles may not exceed the threshold of 20 hp.

Source – Auto Ellenrieder

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