What is behind this shadow? Hint: a Mercedes

Mercedes has prepared a new conceptual model for Frnakfurt Hall 2015 . A conceptual model for now we only have one set of keys and a first instant in which we can sense his silhouette in full darkness.

By now Mercedes has reserved all the technical details of this model. We only know that sun and 4-door coupe and that its drag coefficient is 0.19

Judging by this first picture this would be a coupe of muscular rear wheel arches and a peculiar drop ceiling that makes it clear one of its main virtues: aerodynamics .

According to this model Mercedes clear conceptual approach would a drag coefficient of only 0.19 , a figure really good. For some context we encounter the Mercedes CLA a pretty good ratio also has 0.23.

For now is a mystery any other technical detail, we know nothing about what kind of mechanics will be under the hood and what are the intentions (stylistic, technological …) of the German firm with this prototype.

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On the occasion of that Frankfurt 2015 Mercedes, besides this conceptual model, we present the following new features:

Mercedes Class 2016
2016 Mercedes C-Class Coupe
Mercedes S Class Cabrio

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