What is faster a Opel Kadett GSi to a Opel Corsa OPC?

I wish the answer was no, but it is not I who is going to give you a response. The guys Car in the Uk have had access to a beautiful Opel Kadett GSi in the year 1988 and have decided to check if one of the compact sport’s most spicy of the 80 keeps the guy against one of the utilities most spicy of the year 2015, a Opel Corsa OPC. A duel circuit, which drives my nostalgia for the compact classic, and pits two Opel that all of you will know. Can a veteran of the road with one of the compact most spicy of the year, the latest version of the sport Opel Corsa?

The Opel Kadett GSi was sold in Uk as Vauxhall Astra GTE, although they were the same car.

The differences between both cars are limited to the 27 years of technical evolution that separate them – so how old we’re getting? – because in the background, their approach is very similar. Both versions are spicy of cars suvs are very common in his time, and both have been considered excessive at the time. Today no one would say that 150 HP in a compact is an excessive power, but with 1.007 kg of weight and without any kind of assistance electronics, the Opel Kadett GSi continues to inspire much respect.

In its time was the compact sports, the faster and more aggressive than the Volkswagen Golf GTI. His fearsome two-liter engine and 16 valves allowed to take a 0 to 96 km/h of only 7,6 seconds – according to the exact specifications of the 1988 model of this comparative – and their 150 HP of power allowed him to reach a point of 212 km/h. Although the Opel Corsa OPC is a utility, it is longer and wider than the Kadett, weighs 271 pounds more and under the hood has an engine 1.6 SIDI Turbo with 207 HP of power.

The guys from Car have cheated. The Vauxhall Corsa OPC is equipped with the Performance Pack, which in addition to mount Brembo brakes with larger dimensions has a suspension, especially sport, a limited-slip mechanical and Michelin tires high-performance. The 0 to 100 km/h makes in 6,8 seconds. The Kadett does not have a suspension especially hard under the current standards, his wheels they were only 14 inches in diameter. Despite the weight difference, the Kadett can’t with the new Corsa.

In circuit the Corsa due to the Kadett, as in acceleration. Its tuning is much more modern and much more radical, to the point that it almost seems a comparison unfair. In any case, the Kadett itself expires in a key aspect: its engine. A maximum power of the poor, a maximum power of the old. The engine is very elastic, very immediate, and with much more character than a 1.6 turbo modern. “The engine of the Kadett thrills, the engine of the Corsa just does his job as he has ordained”.

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