What is in the way the new Toyota Avensis? Attention to these spy photos

Toyota Avensis 2018 - foto espía

The new generation Toyota Avensis was already being developed.

Since its arrival in the market, the current generation of the Toyota Avensis, the third, takes us from the year 2009. Are already many years and the passage of time weighs, and much, a model of this segment. If well, and to try to avoid as far as possible the passage of time in the Avensis, the guys from Toyota introduced last year a “facelift” (washing of face) with different developments of both aesthetic and technological.

this Is the second “staging” of this generation of the Toyota Avensis, and at this time, it is time for the engineers Toyota put hands to the work with the development of a new generation. And we can say that this development has already begun. Proof of that are these spy photos here and we may see a test unit of the next Avensis.

do you Agree deadlines? If we take into account that the last overhaul of the Toyota Avensis reached the market by the year 2015, the most logical thing would have been to hunt the first units of the new generation of the Avensis at the beginning of next year or even the end of 2016. It is for this reason that we strange that Toyota have been given a hurry to get to ride this first unit tests. What has not come to set the current model and that’s why they want to launch as soon as possible the new generation? It is more than possible.

Toyota Avensis 2018 - foto espía

The new Toyota Avensis 2018 would be introduced by the end of next year.

even Though the snapshots were taken by our photographers from a considerable distance, and the drive is dressed with a dense and deep camouflage, if there is something we can anticipate the future Toyota Avensis 2018 is that, despite releasing an image more modern, the design language employee will follow a rational philosophy and with a glance we will be quickly recognizable.

Available with both body type Sedan as with the Touring Sports (the character more familiar and practical), the new Avensis will measure about 4.7 meters long and about 1.8 meters wide. Yes, your battle will be increased and, therefore, the space for the seats to the rear and load capacity of the trunk will be greater. In addition, thanks to the use of lighter and stronger materials, may be greatly reduce their weight, something that, ultimately, will result in greater efficiency.

Going to the (mechanic of the upcoming Toyota’s Avensis, the range will be comprised of a selection of new engines of the latest generation more efficient. turbo engines of three-and four-cylinder both diesel and gasoline and whose power ranges will be between 116 and 190 HP respectively.

Toyota Avensis 2018 - foto espía

you Will need an image more modern, although the design will remain very rational.

¿When it will come to the market? Taking into account the date on which we met, and that the last facelift of the Toyota Avensis just takes a year on the market, don’t expect to see in dealerships, the new generation of the Avensis before the year 2018.