What is justifiable a price of 475.800 euros for an Audi Sport Quattro of the year 1986?

Group B are the cars of rally most special ever created, without a doubt. And if the Group B are special, their versions of street – created with the sole purpose of introducing the competition – are even more special. Myths of the four wheels, which only a lucky few possess. You already know the huge speculation that is the subject of the world of classic cars. Audi Sport Quattro are not immune to it. In the last auction of RM Sotheby’s, have been paid 475.800 euros for a unit.

Of the 214 units produced, only 161 units were approved for on-road use.

have We all gone mad? The bubble of speculation seems to have no end, and this Audi Sport Quattro is the evidence. The car left the factory on April 15, 1986, and was in his time one of only five units exported to the United Kingdom, despite not having the steering wheel on the right. Has only 32.267 miles on your odometer – little more than 50,000 km – and is in perfect mechanical condition. In the 80’s he replaced his aluminum block for a steel block and has been meticulously maintained by dedicated workshops.

audi-sport-quattro-subasta-8Is a unit impeccable, no doubt about it. All his history is known, and has been sold with all documentation and original tools. In addition, in their sports seats with belts Sabelt optional, of four points. Yes, of course I called attention to a price of almost half a million euros and origins british – is a car that was never sold with steering wheel to the right. Having more than 25 years, it is possible to export to the united States, a fact which has also elevated their value.

An ABS system with four channels and an aggressive riding style were the solution to its tendency to understeer.

But it is still a spectacular copy. Painted in red color, its rims Ronal white are in perfect condition and its angry mechanical pounding. Its five-cylinder turbo of only 2.133 cc of cubicaje develops nothing less than 306 HP, possible thanks to the supercharger for a turbo KKK K-27 and dry sump lubrication, as well as a mechanical injection Pierburg-Bosche. All the power passes to the ground through all four wheels, prior to passage through a manual gearbox five relationships.

audi-sport-quattro-subasta-23The allocation of power is completely adjustable by the driver, in real-time. The difference of the Audi Sport Quattro with regard to the Audi Quattro Coupé with the Audi debuted in the Group B it was his battle. The Sport Quattro had a battle 32 cm shorter, and they were even more potent. They were noticeably bigger, and had parts of other models in the range, such as the windshield of an Audi 80. Were built by Baur, a specialist coachbuilder who by that time was a convertible based on BMW.

it Is virtually certain that Audi lost a lot of money on each unit manufactured. With respect to the Ur-Quattro, I lost weight 180 pounds thanks to the use of exotic materials, such as Kevlar, plastic reinforced with carbon fiber or aluminum.

Source: autoblog.gr