What is Pive Plan?

The Pive Plan or Incentive Program Efficient Vehicle there new support at 2,000 euros procurement efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles , launched by the government last September 28 and will last until March 2013 or until exhaust budget.

Que es el plan PIVE

The object that has this plan is it replacement of 75,000 cars with more than 10-12 years old respectively after energy efficient models from lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The support Pive Plan is € 2,000 by buying a vegetable , where the state provides € 1,000 and € 1,000 second brand ; actually there is a using € 1,000 because today marks makes discounts € 1000 .

If you wish to welcome you to Plan Pive is better than can negotiate the price first vehicle and requesting end support Pive [1999004 Plan], so deduct € 1000.

To benefit from this assistance, you must provide a tool for removal, – The head of the new car will be the same as a tool to be retirar- and must have some antiquity:

Touring -category M1: You must have a length equal to or greater than 12 years
Utility Vehicles -category N1 must have a length equal to or greater than 10 years ..

they can buy both new vehicles and secondhand with maximum age of 1 year with certain environmental requirements.

The price of purchased cars excluding VAT, can not be higher than € 25,000 except for electric, hybrid and extended range vehicles.

is expected that the Pive [1999004 Plan] program remains until March 31, 2013 , or to the budgeted funds, which covers 75,000 cars are exhausted.

Recipients will get help directly, when pay the invoice from the dealer , which should be joined the program .

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