What is Pokémon Go a danger to the safety of our streets and roads? (video)

Hordes of kids spellbound to the screen of your mobile in Central Park (Youtube), avalanches of people to capture Vaporeon (The Sixth), findings of corpses (THE Times), invasion of private properties (Mashable), etc., etc., are some of the stories that has left us Pokémon Go in his dazzling debut. The new game from Nintendo for smartphones has managed to engage the new generations of players, the digital natives, and to conquer us to those who in his day saw the birth of this saga of games. And with all these stories all the world is made a question: what are the risks of Pokémon Go? Will you be putting in danger our safety, especially on streets and roads?

Pokémon Go, has gotten hordes of kids come out to the streets, and invade parks such as Central Park, the hunting of the Pokémon.

The key of Pokémon Go, and the big difference with the previous games in the series Pokémon, is that for the first time Pokémon has managed to move the action to the real world. Go for a walk around a park, or our neighborhood, to capture a Pokémon, take potions stops next to a shop, a statue, or a fountain, conquer the gym that we have around the corner, and even hunt Pokémon in an environment of augmented reality.

The concept of Pokémon Go does not have to be, necessarily, dangerous. But the big problem, as usual, is in the use of the game and the technology.

The one who is distracted playing Pokémon Go, also will being distracted by sending messages in Whatsapp, or other activities. The difference Pokémon Go is the need to go out to travel the world to conquer, Pokémon, and its ability to generate addiction.

In the united States have already been reported accidents in which, supposedly, a player would not have been paying enough attention to the road because I was playing Pokémon and Go (Slash Gear). The authorities are already calling for caution their drivers under the hashtag #dontpokemongoanddrive. And to see an inattentive driver pending his mobile playing Pokémon Go, or a pedestrian who bumps into the furniture, or cross without looking at a street, have ceased to be a story to become something everyday.

The big problem, of course, is not the Pokémon Go, but the driver, or the pedestrian, reckless that it is distracting. When it seemed that the drivers we had raised awareness of the dangers of using the cell phone while we drive, the popularity of Whatsapp, and the frenetic pace at which we generate conversations, and sent memes in groups, have led us to the image of a driver with the eyes facing down, and the mobile in the hand, are unfortunately another common image.

Whatsapp, Pokémon Go, and any other application that requires our attention, are not the danger, the danger is the drivers and pedestrians reckless. The big problem is perhaps in the degree of addiction that has been spawned by the Nintendo game, hence the number of anecdotes and accidents, which may occur in the course of the game, it is very superior to that of other applications.

In short, if you want to safely use Pokémon Go you do not engage in any dangerous activity, and reckless, in which not incurrirías if you’re not a Pokémon player Go. Don’t cross a street without looking, don’t get enthralled watching the screen of your mobile phone while you walk, don’t be distracted with your phone while driving, or park your car in a place inappropriate to hunt a Pokémon or, better yet, disconnect the app when driving, and so as to avoid the temptation…

finally, as a curiosity, speaking of Pokémon Go and road safety, the reflection of Gizmodo Australia in which they came to a conclusion no less interesting, about how Pokémon, and augmented reality can help to the improvement of road safety.