What is presented too soon the Tesla Model 3? Yes, but there is a very good reason for it

why the Tesla Model 3 has been submitted in March 2016 if their first deliveries may not arrive until quite possibly 2018? This is the question that we are many of us taking into account that the Tesla Model 3 has already accumulated more than 325,000 reservations and it is more than likely that those last few customers interested in the Model 3 should not see their car until 2019. But Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, has a very good reason for taking so much time from the first presentation until their first delivery, we will the explain.


The development of the Tesla Model 3 has not finished

With so much time ahead of you, the Tesla Model 3 will learn of their criticism for getting to production with changes and improvements

The Tesla Model 3 that we met last March 31, is not a final model, so that Tesla Motors has already confirmed that we will find plenty of changes in future presentations, and so on, until know your final production version. After this first presentation, have rained criticism, both positive and negative, and Elon Musk has not cut in to listen to them to confirm that there will be new developments and improvements during the time remaining for the Tesla Model 3 to reach production.

more than 325,000 customers interested in the Tesla Model 3 have already left the $ 1000 in reserve concept, but this amount also gives them the right to have an opinion. Thus, although there is not a means to channel all the suggestions and criticism you are doing for the Tesla Model 3 production, Musk has already confirmed that they are open to modifying the design of the front face of the like that keeps up with Porsche and the design and opening of your trunk that seems not to have convinced all. Musk has taken the opportunity to indicate that with the Tesla Model 3 is intended to achieve a drag coefficient of record, a Cx of 0.21.

tesla-model-3-2017-05 what about you, would you be able to wait 2 years to have your Tesla Model 3?

Imagine for a moment that you can participate in the design of your car, at least in certain detail. Under that idea, is that Tesla Motors intends to present their products early enough to adapt to the major changes proposed while it moves towards its arrival in production. It is clear that to speak of waits that can exceed 2 years to buy a car, however innovative it is, it is all a madness in a world where the manufacturers who speak of between 4 and 6 months of waiting is play the cancellation of the order to the minimum of change.

Not doubt that Tesla has ventured into the staging of the Model 3, and although for the moment everything points to an unprecedented success, do not forget that the competition has made an effort to not cede more ground to Tesla. With almost 2 years of margin to offer an alternative, nobody will be the slightest doubt that we will see a war to beat the Tesla Model 3.

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