What is the best lubricant for your bike?

The various components incorporated into Power our motorcycle can increase the degree of temperature considerably and rub each other to merge if sufficient [1999003 will not give] lubrication , you know where you can buy some quality lubricants so that your partner is always two wheels in shape again ?, discover what Repsol .

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Often euphoria that grips us when we bought our first motorcycle , where we seduced by its aesthetic and its many features, makes us forget that we are the primary responsibility for its maintenance.

This requires our attention moto beyond deterioration that may be exposed after an accident or unexpected accident on our travels is to prevent also our own health and wellness can be undermined.

Our precious frames require our care and that includes a number of important points to consider. For example, check wheels The main elements that keep us in direct contact with the asphalt of the road. At this point, you must remember that the tire pressure should be confirmed cold all the time, so when hot mirage within said pressure increases. In addition to wheels, we must check brake pads chain, battery, and, of course, clean and lubricate.

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In order to lubricate the chain, ideally with a spray of fat that are specific to the characteristics and needs of your motorcycle. It is best to lubricate the chain as it gets hot rolling a certain distance and then when you are done with the tour, butter again. It recalls that it is necessary to lubricate all brake cables, gas or clutch make from a fortified with graphite grease.

The oil appears as one of our best allies smear all internal departments Power our motorcycle, but what kind oil is best to avoid overheating of the internal sections which we were referring to earlier lines ?, you should know that it is synthetic oils , minerals or synthetic base that the mixing properties of the two.

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With focus on the first two, you have to remember that synthetic oil is able to reduce the consumption of own process oil by evaporation under high temperatures and thus become much less volatile so that mineral type as we suggested. Moreover, synthetic oil also help us to reduce the number of friction internal parts, and therefore better mobility of these.

Another recommendation that we provide is that when The transition from oil to lubricate modify also the filter, because this element much of the foregoing oil will be and is a suitable alternative to prevent the mixing of different types.

From our blog of Motor I recommend that you use new lubricants Repsol Moto , which adapts the latest technology and approach you all necessary for motorcycle works the best and safest in your journeys so effectively.

When selecting lubricants Repsol Moto, choose a product of the highest quality guarantee Repsol. And then you take a plethora of innovations. Because Repsol has a Technology Center as a world leader in R + D + i, where its investigators undertake continuous improvement of each product, ensuring greater efficiency and technical and environmental quality.

An innovation sets tested and developed by the best team of professionals in the most demanding environments: MotoGP. Tested at the highest level, its butter become a safe bet for your engine.

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These include lubricants Repsol Moto Racing 4T 10W50 or Repsol Moto Racing 4T 5W40 high performance synthetic oils, which will focus on clutch and gearbox. One of its many benefits is less friction between the various components of the engine, while maintaining maximum effect.

for 2-stroke bikes has lubricant Repsol Moto Off Road 2T , designed to ensure maximum engine protection and avoid the effects wear in extreme situations can withstand an oil which is suitable for premix and lubrication systems injector.

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These lubricants are prepared to resist many and hard wear as it can be exposed our motorcycle competitions as hard as those of Moto GP . Precisely alliance forged between Honda and Repsol for over 20 years has led to the preparation of a lubricant made for winners and designed so that our motorcycle can overcome the toughest tests and obstacles.

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They Repsol lubricants allow to reduce the consumption of the engine, emissions and waste production possible in this way to take a more responsible attitude to the environment. One of the main objectives that can be achieved with new lubricants Repsol is minimize friction major engine parts, cooling parts of it and protect it from possible wear.

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The Repsol relationship to the world of motorcycling and his extensive industry experience gives confidence that users’ needs when buying a useful and convenient for transportation and your travel with all the comfort and security necessary products.


What do you think Repsol lubricants What do you look for when you buy your own motorcycle lubricants?

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