What is the expected BMW i5, a car that makes it look very nice the Toyota Mirai?

From months ago is coming concocting lies to the launch of a new member of the family i BMW, up to now composed by the all-electric i3 and the supercar hybrid of the future, the fantastic i8. A third member could soon land on our roads. It would be called i5 and it would be powered by hydrogen, in the line of the last prototypes of fuel cell presented for BMW, on the basis of the i8, and the 5-Series Gran Turismo. Perhaps their greatest drawback is that the Toyota Mirai looks beautiful at your side.

A coupe, with carbon fibre structure, and possibly an electric thruster with extended autonomy.

The images that accompany this article have been extracted from the Office of China’s Copyright – concept in itself curious, if I understand – which presumably would have been registered the design of this car. The images have appeared for the first time in a portal chinese named PCauto.com.cn, and although we have to take them with a certain dose of skepticism, could be real. This BMW will be a coupe with three doors, possibly moved by an alternative source of fuel such as hydrogen, or an extended range electric.

Your aspect vaguely remembers the BMW i8 moved by hydrogen BMW presented a few months ago and although it is a vehicle completely different, their calender, their optical and their spirit aesthetics are clearly in the line of the family i. we like its design it’s sand of a different color. is a product that Is clearly technological, on which the aerodynamics is a key factor. Do you not believe me? Look at the gills located on their front wings or behind the aerodynamic type Kammback, designed with the minimum of cX in mind.

CEO BMW, Harald Krüger, not wanted to drop a pledge on a future model of BMW i, but recognized that they were planning a car above the i3. The rumors point to a plug-in hybrid or a extended range electric, and the presence of two covers – one for the gasoline tank and the other for an outlet – would confirm this theory. The train engine of 170 HP electric BMW i3 – in combination with a motor bike to increase their autonomy – would fit perfectly in this case i5.

A vehicle of compact dimensions, similar to those of a compact, with features more than enough to a sporty driving experience. It would be possible thanks to a construction of carbon fiber, the structure of the car a monohull similar to that employed by the i3 and i8. All in all, we ought to get out of doubts soon. What will be BMW i able to launch a coupe look just as radical, opening doors vertical included? In a few weeks we will check it, but my opinion is that yes.

Source: BMW Blog
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