What is the inner most spectacular ever built by Mercedes?

Mercedes, from the earliest of its principles, has always been a reference brand in the automotive world. It was they who started an industry that today moves thousands of millions throughout the world. Many rivals have tried to copy them in all aspects, including the design of interiors. But always a question arises, what, of all that has been, is the best?


nearly 90 years Ago the technology of today was compensated with an elegance and a quality that is supreme

The other day we met first-hand the interior of the Mercedes E-Class 2016. What look does not cease to amaze its design. It is simply spectacular. But, what is the best of all that has been created by Mercedes? Costs deciding on one in particular, since so many are the that have existed which is not an easy task. And as in matter of taste there is nothing written, here are some of the best interiors ever made by Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz SS Sports Tourer (1928)

Were at the last years of the decade of 1920. Not very distant was the memory of the First World War. With a world at peace Mercedes pulled to the sale the SS Sports Tourer. His long snout and its characteristic body-20 years leaving more than enough space for an impeccable interior. With a large amount of wood, of truth, and a lot of dials and clocks, Mercedes began to leave clear evidence of how he was capable of in this of the interior. Simply beautiful.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR (1954)

we move forward through time and change of scenery. The competition has always been a test platform for the cars of the streets. With speed as the only goal in mind, the race cars tend not to call attention to your interior design, but this is not the case of the Mercedes 300 SLR. This car not only won major races and championships, but also left to the light a cockpit where the essence of the spartan won with only see it. His commanders, nothing more and nothing less than pilots of the stature of Juan Manuel Fangio and Sir Stirling Moss.


the controls of this racing car, the 300 SLR, pilots legendary that are part of the history

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing (1954)

The same year that the racing version dominated the racing world, Mercedes launched to the market that it is possibly his most famous, the 300 SL Gullwing, or the commonly called “gull wings”. With a body that supports like no the passage of time, its doors atypical left step to an interior to the height of such a beautiful effigy. Not only the best materials of the time were available, but these are presented in the most elegant and spectacular as possible. Who doesn’t like the interior? History on four wheels ladies and gentlemen.

Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman (1964)

we do Not doubt that we are before one of the glory days of Mercedes in terms of interior spectacular. This time we move away from the field of sport to enter of head in the highest of luxuries. The 600 series Mercedes, which we know today as the S Class, it was aimed at the higher social spheres. His huge body was combined with the most elegant of interiors. If we add to this the name Pullman, is all said. Many trees and cows gave their lives for the manufacturing of these chambers. A work of art in wood and leather.

Mercedes-Benz 280 SL (1967)

The great essences are sold in small jars. At least so goes the saying. And is that in this case is fulfilled to the letter. Many considered the 280 SL brother pobretón of the 300 SL, but the truth is that this was another concept. The “Pagoda” as he was called could not compete in style and sportiness, but there is something in what he earned to his older brother: in the inside. Taken directly from the 600 Pullman and adapted to a smaller scale, the 280 SL deserves to be on this list by its own merits. A few months ago we were lucky enough to try it out and compare it to its modern version.


it Would be very strange to get in a car and discover that it has no steering wheel. But it’s what was envisioned by the creative Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz VCR Concept (1995)

we Pass from the concrete to the abstract. While all of the units previously referred to trod the roads of the real world, the Mercedes VCR Concept never came to do it. In the mid-90’s, the world began to live a boom in digital and computer, and all the brands started to adopt designs futuristic for their prototypes. the interior of The VCR could be rather that of an aeroplane, the steering wheel was replaced by two joystick and the greater part of the analog sticks, left step to digital displays and tactile. The truth is that the car itself was pretty crazy, because Mercedes wanted to make three models at one.

Mercedes-Benz SLR (2003)

let us Return to the real world, the world more wild that Mercedes is able to conceive. Before the end of the millennium the brand introduced the SLR Vision. A prototype spectacular that not many thought would materialize, but what if it did. Just a few years later the SLR production became a reality and did so with a spectacular design and an interior that does not ever go out of style. To this day, many should take a look at the inside to see how things are done. Impressive in all senses.

Mercedes-Benz CL-Class (2003)

The truth is that with the new millennium Mercedes started to go back inside spectacular along with elegant. Slowly it was shaking that feeling old and started to make things really interesting, as is the case with the Mercedes CL. Born in 1999, this coupe high luxury was improving with the passage of the years until its demise in 2006. This is another of those cases in which the years do not pass, neither inside nor outside, and if we don’t believe you only have to take a look at that interior. Whether you would like to more of a current car to have with him.


The new S-Class has joined the more than 100 years of experience to unify the most modern technology with the most classic of the elegances

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (2013)

we could Not end this list without mention of the S-Class Mercedes. As we have said before is the highest of the ranges, and makes that clear not only in terms of quality, space, comfort and price, but also on the inside. Eight generations have been, which of them more spectacular. However, it is the latter that really brought us into the TWENTY-first century, and even a little beyond. In the era of the tactile and the digital, the S-Class performed better than anyone of these technologies. An interior that has been copied by the Mercedes E-Class, which like its older brother, cannot but leave us with the mouth open.

Now, having regard to what has been seen, do you miss anyone?, what would you choose?