What is the plot in Ariel? There is life beyond the Atom and the Nomad

Ariel we conquered the more burned with the Ariel Atom, to give us after the lunge short with the Ariel Nomad, falling totally surrendered to your feet. To make matters worse, for lovers of two wheels, Ariel is the Ariel Ace, but… what is in the future of Ariel? By now is anyone’s guess, but from the british company remind us that we are not exactly cross your arms and that there will be developments in the future.

Some of the ideas they are considering is quite different to what is currently offered

we have Already seen that in Ariel are evaluating to incorporate the hybrid technology developed by Honda for the Honda NSX in the Ariel Atom and even does not rule out the arrival of an Ariel Atom, all-electric, but there is still more.

Simon Saunders, the manager of Ariel and in charge of standing in a statement to Autocar at the idea of the Atom-in hybrid, has been in charge of affirming the above-mentioned british that some of the ideas that are assessing for the future of the brand differ quite a lot from what they are currently doing.

What are you currently doing?
Basically two cars very end, one of them, the Nomad, which is intended for use outside of the asphalt and a bike, the Ariel Ace.

what you Will be thinking about a car more “mundane”? is A sport with a component more GT, less radical? Saunders has not ruled about it beyond these statements, so we will have to keep waiting to find out.