What is the point of a car like the Hyundai RM16, the Hyundai Veloster that I wanted to be a Porsche Cayman?

Hyundai has evolved to the Hyundai RM15 to offer now a Hyundai RM16 important news, but what hides behind this conceptual model? Since then it seems that we are at the lattice mechanical sports version of the Hyundai i30, the next Hyundai i30 N that has left to see in the Nürburgring 24 Hours, what then?

Albert Biermann, before the front of BMW M, bet by the continuity of the Hyundai RM as laboratories on wheels:

The Korean company does not hide the condition of “lab with wheels” of this Hyundai RM16 and it is the own Albert Biermann, responsible of sports cars of Hyundai and before that in the womb of BMW, BMW M, who points out that the models RM will continue playing an important role in the development of future models from Hyundai N (see 5 keys on Hyundai N).

this way if line by line, the news of this prototype we can see more clearly their possible implementation on production models in addition, of course, to take into account progress involving the development of a car, so issues and more “worldly” as the tuning of a suspension or the tare of a direction.

The RM16 account with a turbo electric, signal the direction that could take the Hyundai in the next few years in terms of boost (see future for turbo engines).

Also has a sport exhaust system with a valve electric drive, something that seems really easy to imagine in models N more immediate.

we can’t lose sight of your limited-slip differential electronically controlled, nor his active aerodynamic. It sounds like something more than a compact sports right? Because if we think of the development of a platform mid-engine and rear-wheel drive things get really interesting…

of course beyond all this accumulation of elements that give way finally to the RM16, we must also consider what that implies in terms of the image thus adding the impact of this concept on the performance of the brand in the circuits and in the rally.