What is the point of a MINI-not-british?


MINI is a brand that is genuinely british, though since the late 90s have a lot of DNA the German BMW. Under the management of the brand munich, MINI has reached record sales, notoriety, and prestige. These cars are Premium derived from a humble utility of the 50s, designed by the great Sir Alec Issigonis.

The range reached its peak in range with the previous generation, and has now been rationalized, with the disappearance of some bodies. However, the variety of engines is going to be superior, because we can choose gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric medium-term.

In the previous generation there was a model 100% electric, the MINI E, which was used as a demonstrator and technology test, almost half a thousand copies. None sold, only rented, and virtually all of them have ended up in the scrapping. Yes, this is very reminiscent of the fate of the GM EV-1 and other electrical that were taken out of circulation.


For the next MINI electric, the approach is very different: it will fall in private hands, as any other MINI, and not end up in a crusher until the end of its useful life. BMW has not yet announced where he is going to be made, because the decision has yet to be taken. MINI account with three production facilities in the United Kingdom: Swindon, Hams Hall and Oxford.

will Arrive in 2019

The logical thing to do would have been to produce it in the Uk, but the “Brexit” has complicated things a lot. There is no guarantee that the country-archipelago to remain in the european common market, which will increase prices by 10% for import tariffs, and encourages components that come from the continent.

that is why BMW is considering other sites, according to information reported yesterday Handelsblatt. According to tips internal, the alternatives are Leipzig and Regensburg in Germany, or to order the work to Nedcar in the Netherlands. However, BMW expects that the Uk and the EU have a trade treaty even though it consumed the output of the European Union (which is most likely).


Oxford produces the range MINI of BMW since 2001

long term opens the debate of what to do with MINI, do you have to stay in the United Kingdom against wind and tide, or it is possible to take production of the country to remain within the European Union? If there is one thing that he hates the automotive industry is the instability and problems.

Still no manufacturer based in the Uk has said that leaving the country, but yes they have dropped that replantearán their investments depending on what the political status and economic growth of a United Kingdom that has once again made things only his way.

If we put ourselves in the worst case, BMW can raise to move part or all of the production of MINI to other places. The whole does not make much sense, because there is a domestic demand to satisfy, but there is a risk of relocation which can be very expensive in the Uk.


At the end of the year we will know the location for the MINI electric. For then, if the Government of Theresa May meets with what you say, you already have since the sixth speed of the breaking process. If there is a commercial treaty to the view -that in no case will be as advantageous as the current- options United Kingdom are limited for the electric.

In another time we could speak of a volume of cars very small, but sales of electric cars are progressing rapidly in some markets, and can be tens of thousands of units per year. Not only is it a matter of volume, but of highly qualified employment, and that this have the freedom to move around (also is that threatened by the “Brexit”).

BMW will base its decision also taking into account this detail, a skilled labor (hence, Germany has to win) or a group of suppliers appropriate. Also win the continental options in that sense, although we must not forget that the Nissan Leaf is produced in the United Kingdom.