What is your Porsche 911 favorite? If you can not find it in this video, may not exist

is Probably the best thing you’ll see today. This animation, that from the first time that we have seen has already become one of our favorites, review all the history of the Porsche 911 in a minute and shows us a very graphic how it has evolved the German sports par excellence until our days along its different versions. A little gem that you’ll love, whether you’re a fan of the Porsche 911, as if you like sports, in general.

With more than 50 years of history, the Porsche 911 is the best representative of the German sports, and the flagship of the brand of Stuttgart.

The Porsche 911 was born in the sixties, and in its beginnings or even called 911, her name was Porsche 901. Due to an issue of registered trademarks, and the fact that Peugeot has already been reserved numbers with three digits and a zero in the middle, Porsche had to re-baptize its sporty as a 911. And they got the wheels to Fuchs, and began to gain power, to lose weight, to grow in battle, to receive a duck tail and radicalized, until you reach one of the versions most desired among lovers of 911, and who subscribe these lines, the Carrera RS 2.7 of the seventies.

later on he would be reaching new generations, the turbo, GT2 and GT3, and so on up until our days.

it Is true that they are not absolutely all the versions of the Porsche 911 that has ever existed, but almost. But also you will be with me in that the people of Donut Media is what has worked with this animation and hope to continue pushing myself with many more from other sports historical.

Via: Jalopnik
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