What Lexus was right? (III) the fruits of The effort


The Lexus LC 500h is the latest hybrid model of the range, with more modern technology

The hybrid technology of Lexus already has 10 years of travel trade, which we reviewed in a previous article. Was the first Premium brand to offer a range of hybrid, and continues today to be the brand with the largest offer of hybrids. Is more, in Western Europe, 95% of what tuition is a hybrid, and no longer sold or a single diesel.

we Also saw how the competitors of Lexus crashed with their hybrids do not plug-in, getting very few sales. It was what had to happen, the value added for customers was not offset by the price differential, in addition, came in very bad time for the economy.

The plug-in hybrid seems to be the solution to the competitors. They start out models plug-in in Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Volvo, while developing responses of Jaguar, Cadillac, etc, By the way, this last mark had a failure remarkable with its extended range electric, the ELR, which never reached sales goals. Normal, it was very expensive for what it offered.


sales Data for Spain in the first three quarters of 2015

¿And Lexus how you gone? has This month delivered the hybrid a million of the arrow mark. In 2015 will be enrolled in Europe 40,000 units hybrid. At the global level, we talk about 150,000 hybrids in 2015. By a simple matter of arithmetic, the second million sales won’t take another 10 years, but rather less. Just look at the richness of its range.

Lexus sold 652,000 in cars 2015

The model “basic”, the CT 200h, still holds since its launch in 2010 with updates that do not pertain to the hybrid system. “Oldest” is the LS 600h, the flagship, that has not changed either at the mechanistic level in a decade. Of approach more novel are the IS 300h, RC 300h, GS 300h/450h, NX 300h, RX 450h and the new LC 500h. All models of the range have hybrid versions.

Now the “heart of the range” hybrid represent the versions 300h, between 197 and 223 horsepower, depending on whether they are sedans/coupes or SUV. In Spain, it is remarkable the case of the SUV-D, the NX 300h, the model that has sold in 2015 by broad difference, and almost sum the sales of CT and IS at the same time. At the global level, have sold more of 187,000 NX since its launch, the aggressive aesthetic achieved his goal.


For the Spanish market is not expected to arrive this year, the LC 500h


In the european market, Lexus enrolls nearly half of the hybrid Premium that is sold, that is to say, as much as all its competitors together. Any Lexus is a plug-in hybrid. what Lexus was right? From the commercial point of view, and image, the numbers say that yes. And it still has not noticed the take-off commercial of the new models, such as the RC 300h.

The plans of Lexus for the european market are 70,000 units this year (nearly double that in 2015) and to reach 100,000 units by 2020, adding hybrid versions and conventional. Just in that year is expected to the marketing of its first model hydrogen fuel cell. About plug-in hybrids don’t say anything.

there are Also versions of “100% gasoline” at Lexus, but are unattractive due to the taxes that apply. In our country, in fact, sold very few Lexus that are not hybrids. The hybrid, or are exempt from registration tax, or taxed by the stretch lower (4,75%). Even the new turbocharged engine, the 200t, is not very competitive in that sense.


Range Lexus Hybrid Drive of the first generation

The first hybrid Lexus (RX 400h, GS 450h and LS 600h) were high-end car, segment E/F, and a few sales, but started on the journey. right Now Lexus has hybrids in the segments of higher volume: C, D, and D SUV. The CT 200h needs a replacement for hobnobbing best with Audi A3, BMW 1-Series or Mercedes-Benz A-Class, they are genuine best-sellers, always talking about versions conventional. The hybrid does not have depth just as much a competitor to diesel.

If the new TC get off the ground in terms of volume, Lexus will have it easier to get to 100,000 cars a year in Europe by 2020. Their rivals should already have plug-in hybrids by then, right now, only the A3 e-tron fight with the CT 200h, and the japanese is noticeably cheaper. In some countries, the system of taxes and subsidies, the difference are too low, and the A3 e-tron is in a better situation.

anyway, the success of Lexus doesn’t have to be eternal. Many things can change and plug-in hybrids of the competition can earn points, for example, if we begin to apply restrictions of the circulatory system that affect Lexus, not plug-in. In these 10 years it is clear who has won, but in another 10 years a lot can happen.