What lover of the tires “cantosas”? As you are interested in, if you can afford them…

Llantas inspiradas en Juego de Tronos

strong fashion of the tuning that shook just a little more than a decade almost died, at least the way we knew with a multitude of pieces of Norauto, lighthouses, and pilots lights virtually unrecognizable, neon lights on the underbody and bumpers in the purest style of the early editions of “All Gas”. Not to mention the interior upholstered with hair in a multitude of colours, also neon lights, screens and a trunk that practically only serving to house speakers.

Now the style of the most passionate to the modifications in is very different. Looking for customization based reduce the height of the vehicle body through suspensions, tires, and minor changes that make it different although it is possible to recognize easily of what model it is, not as it was a few years ago. If you’re one of those people who will “dig” the customizations, we would like to know your opinion about these eye-catching wheels.

Llantas inspiradas en Juego de Tronos

are Not or much less these wheels are simple, nor will anything in common. The design takes inspiration from the famous series “Game of Thrones” although, as you already know, she didn’t appear to cars as we know them today. In this issue of the modifications and customization every one has their tastes, but what is clear is that these tires do not lack detail. Its design and production, as well as its perfect balanced should not be a simple task for the manufacturer.

With measures 22 inches, the price of these tires is not within the reach of anyone, being able to purchase a car quite acceptable in the market of occasion, for the same price that cost the four units. We speak of 7,800 dollars, about 7.300 euros. As we said, they can like or not like anything, but what is clear is that you should not make any grace rozarlas with a curb while parked in line.

Source – Carscoops