What madness or genius? A Porsche Cayman with the V8 of the Ford Mustang

The world of tuning is impressive. As crazy and genius that allows you to see unique creations and spectacular. Once in a while we see the blending of two worlds that a priori are radically opposed, but that does not cease to amaze, as this Porsche Cayman with the V8 engine of a Ford Mustang.


The larger motor has to be bound to modify the entire rear of the Cayman

Yes, as you read. One of the best sports out of Germany receives an engine more american than the cowboys. Two concepts that a beginning should not go together, but thanks to SWAP, engine change, ally to see creations that many could not even imagine.

The work is in charge of the boys of Phbperformance, a center specializing in the improvement of the performance of the engines. But this work goes beyond a simple recalibration of the ecu or a turbo more, here we talk of a radical change. The six-cylinder in-line disappears to make room for a V8 Boss 302.

The conversion has forced to get rid of the whole rear of the Porsche Cayman. Nor is anything happening, because in the end, continues to hold everything you need. But it is striking the fact that the engine has no separation with the rest of the cabin, so only a small lamina separates the head of the occupants of the imposing V8.

If we talk about performance data, the change has been quite remarkable. Of the 260 original horse, we have passed a figure of 430. 170 extra horses that not only manage to get a different behavior, but also a roar much more spectacular. In the purest yankee. Now, what do you think? What madness or genius?