What madness prepares Mercedes patenting this strange system?

In Mercedes-Benz are preparing something, a system quite disconcerting that uses water and that aims to improve the performance of our cars. It is a patent of the that to date has not heard anything, but according to what he promises would be a revolution in the market of getting to production. Mercedes want to control the temperature of our tires, and the use of water spraying over them is his new invention.


To modify the temperature of the tire allows you to get the maximum performance out of it under any circumstances

The guys from Autoguide have been those who have found this curious scheme in the patent office of United Kingdom. Although we speak of a system of water injection, this patent of Mercedes-Benz has nothing to do with the system of water injection BMW that sprayed water in the intake manifold of the engine of the BMW M4 GTS. Mercedes aims to use water spray on your tires, and this is why.

control of the temperature of the tire in real time is one of the ideas that the industry aims to achieve in the short term. The objective of this idea is to know, really, that happens in the only element of contact that exists between the car and the road. In addition, if you know what happens, we can control it, the result is a substantial step forward to improve the performance of the car thanks to the actual control on the characteristics of the tire.

mercedes-amg-gt-r-2017-8The alteration of the temperature of the tire causes that their characteristics are changed: the grip, deformation, strain, etc With a system capable of spraying water, both cold and hot, the car could be capable of maintaining a temperature range optimum, whether to roll in the circuit with maximum performance, rolling road arid or succeed of roads full of ice. The system is able to store water from rain and condensation and store it in a warehouse to be used when an ecu determines that it is necessary to cool or heat the tire.

will we See this idea of Mercedes-Benz getting to production?