What Magnussen inside, Maldonado out of Renault F1?

Kevin Magnussen MCLarenthe pilots of The renamed Renault team F1 after the purchase of Lotus seemed to be, until not long ago, confirmed. Pastor Maldonado and Palmer would be in charge of piloting the cars yellow. But for the venezuelan everything seemed to go wrong in the last few days, because that Pastor is there thanks to the money of PVSA, the venezuelan oil that gives the economic support that made him be comfortable in F1. Now PVSA has not come to an agreement with Renault F1 and everything has changed.

Kevin Magnussen, from which he was fired from McLaren, it seemed more out of F1, but things can change quickly in this life. According to rumors, it seems that the Renault team has already signed an agreement with Kevin Magnussen for pilot holder in 2016, although neither Jan Magnussen nor his representative have wanted to talk about the future of the young pilot dane. We will be attentive to know the latest time of the issue and be able to give more reliable data about it…

Federico Gastaldi junto a Pastor MaldonadoSome media such as the television channel TV2 of Denmark, want to get in touch with Kevin to talk about these rumors that seem already real enough. In fact everything comes from a disagreement between PVSA and Renault F1. Remember that PVSA has been the sponsor of Lotus, and in its day it was for Williams when Pastor was there. PVSA was the tie that bound Pastor with F1 and without it it is difficult to get behind a steering wheel in the next season. The only pilots that are still in the air are the Manor, and so are the seats that Maldonado could fight with all their candidates.

Members of the Renault team traveled to the headquarters of PVSA in the Latin american country to try to close an agreement when it came to these rumors. Since the environment of a Pastor, did not take long to say that the future of Shepherd was safe, and that they were just that rumors, but as it seems, PVSA has definitely broken its agreement with Renault F1. In contrast, Jason Watt, another Danish, ensures that “Could it be that Kevin is being used as bait to get Maldonado to pay.“.