What makes this SEAT Leon ST Cupra on the roads of Florida, USA?

SEAT is a brand belonging to the Volkswagen Group, but is not present in all markets where Volkswagen, Audi or Porsche are present – the same goes with Skoda. For example, SEAT doesn’t sell cars in the united States, but are sold in Mexico, where they are also quite popular. The guys from Jalopnik has missed see a SEAT Leon ST Cupra rolling along the roads of Florida, in full US AND to us also, that we ask ourselves what the hell does that SEAT there. Do you think SEAT landed with the Lion in the US?

SEAT sells several models of its range in Mexico, where they are appreciated and enjoy a few sales correct.

unfortunately the answer is possibly a lot more simple. A reader of Jalopnik found this unit near Sebring, Florida, just a few days ago. It is not a time particularly warm in Florida, in the summer itself becomes an ideal place to test the mechanical strength of the heat and humidity of a car. The family manufactured in Spain, was charged with three dummies in their seats, and the driver said no more than simply was making a test of long duration.

seat-leon-st-cupra-eeuu-1Possibly it was a unit destined for the mexican market, doing tests in the vicinity of the center of vehicle development the Volkswagen Group owns in Tampa, in the same state of Florida. Your Arizona tuition is provisional, and is intended only to manufacturers of cars. SEAT doesn’t sell cars in the united States, and I doubt that what you start doing, taking into account that is a brand virtually unknown in the country – by the many snares that have the Lion with other models of the Volkswagen Group. All in all, an interesting curiosity.

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