What Mazda MX-5 or Fiat 124 Spider?: Comparative visual


Mazda MX-5 and FIAT 124 Spider, the same basis for philosophies different

From before they meet the Mazda MX-5 ND we knew we would have a twin brother Italian, a relative that is finally what it has become Fiat and that by the hands of Abarth expect to happen. This is not a simple repeat, as in the case of the Tobaru (Toyota GT-86 and Subaru BRZ), but that Fiat promised that conveyed all the Italian character in the roadster japanese. And so he did.

The Mazda offers a modern design, Fiat prefers to be more classic

Fiat has managed to hide his japanese. Outwardly have little in common with the Fiat 124 Spider with the Mazda MX-5. The bodywork has been replaced almost entirely, except for the windshield, hood and exterior mirrors. Bumpers, optical, fins, hood, and doors are of new design and even their proportions have changed slightly: the rear overhang of the Fiat is longer than that of the Miata, the opposite is true in the front, where the japanese have a morro longer.

the general lines of The design KODO Mazda are sharp and dynamic in the roadster japanese, as opposed to a figure more muscular and square classic design Fiat. Looking at the origins of each one, the japanese comes from the lineage’s most famous roadsters of the whole world, while the Italian is a modern reinterpretation of the Fiat Sport Spider 1974.


Few details of the body betrays the asiatic origin of the Italian

Without going any further, the front-the MX-5 has a look sharp, a long hood that curves down and the smile of the main grille is located near the asphalt, a clean design and fluid. The 124 Spider has a hood more rectum that is kept high from the beginning with ribbing longitudinal travel along it to give it a muscular look, round headlamps in the style of the latest Fiat and a couple of grills located higher, a classic for the TWENTY-first century.

When we turn to lag behind the changes continue in a similar way. Fiat has opted for a reinterpretation of the roadster classic with surfaces more square and wide, the headlights of rectangular silhouette, slightly tilted, are all a tribute to the original design from 1974, but with influence of the new optics in the rear of the Fiat 500 restyling.

The Miata offers us a curved design lines subtly ascending towards the end of the vehicle, headlights dynamic silhouette with references to their previous generations and short overhang. The position of the tails escape also differs: a double a side in the Miata and one on each end of the bumper, on the Italian.


In your cabin you will find a greater number of similarities

At first sight the interior of both seems almost identical except the logo in the center of the steering wheel, however the italians have returned to give his style on the japanese. The main change is in the panels of the inside of the doors with a new design in general: in Italian, the tone of the body will not be seen in this area, new levers to open and add handles chrome.

Bodywork and engines completely opposite

The rest of the differences are found in the upper part of the dashboard, upholstery of the seats and trims that surround the screen of the center console and the output of the climate control to the center-now extends across the dashboard toward the passenger side-.

Both share the lightweight platform of propulsion rear, but under the hood you will find engines unique to each manufacturer. Mazda stake by mechanical atmospheric of your range SKYACTIV-G, while Fiat will use turbo engines of the house. Respect to the differences between its proponents and benefits, we’ll talk later.

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