What mode to hire for to get a good insurance at the best price?

So if you buy a car, either new or of occasion, as if you have years with your car it is important to analyze your insurance. Not all of us agree on the same security, either by the use that you’re going to give, if you will sleep on the street or in a garage particularly, the type of car or if you have already several years behind their backs. Of course, you must also influirnos our own economy.

have You ever stopped to think if you are really taking performance of the insurance you have contracted? As a general rule, we are quite comfortable in these subjects, and when our insurance expires directly renew without stop to think and just looking at the amount, that is to say, by looking at whether the price has gone up, has gone down or if is maintained without alterations.

As mentioned, not all need the same insurance. As a general rule you will find insurance “all risk”, “with excess”, “third expanded” or “third base”. And that is we must keep in mind that a little will serve us an all-risk full if you ride your bike with a car of 14 years to which we have an average of 6,000 miles a year. In the event of an accident we will have many chances that we get for the total loss, despite paying an important sum of money annually and use it so little.

all risk (without franchise) will be a good option for when we buy a new car. With this type of insurance, in the event of an accident, whether our fault or not, we will not have to fork out a penny of euro but the repair of our vehicle is about very high costs. It is interesting not to have any concern though, of course, the price is the highest.

on the other hand we have the with excess, which is a mix between an all risk and third party insurance. Depending on the insurance company we may set one or more franchises (by area of the body). In case of shock, will pay us the repair to cover the franchise. For example: if we have contracted an excess of 150 euros, we have a shock that we are guilty and the repair of our vehicle climbs up to 2,000 euros, only we will disburse 150 euros and the company will take care of the rest. In case of repair, for example, of 90 euros, we will only pay those 90 euros. It is an option to take into account whether our car is new or still holds a good part of his value.

In the case of third expanded, we refer to a basic insurance in which the damage that ocasionemos to third parties or to the infrastructure of the public road will be covered. The third expanded will cover fire, theft and moons. In the case of theft, although the friends of others do not get to take the car if they force the lock, the insurer should bear the cost of the repair.

finally we find the third base. It normally covers (it depends on the company) the minimum required by law, taking charge of the damages to third persons and objects that may have been caused in case of an accident. Is the cheapest, although we must bear in mind that it will not cover own damage or the repair costs in case of theft, fire or breakage of glass.

the purchasing power of the larger part of our society after the serious crisis, as well as by the age of the park, today what is most in demand is the third-party insurance, either basic or extended. We have analyzed three insurance companies to see what we offer each one in case of applying for an insurance to third base, and third extended (theft, fire and moons). Of these three companies is important to highlight that all offer only two types of third party insurance: the basic and the expanded, less Genesis Insurance that increases your bid up to 4 types of insurance third party so that the client can get to customize its offering from a basic classic to a third-party insurance that has a coverage more typical of an all risk insurance. Let’s look more in detail what we offer you three companies:

Mutua Madrileña

Third base

will Cover the civil liability compulsory up to eur 70 million in personal damages and $ 15 million in material damage.

In terms of the Legal Defence in a prosecution for a road traffic accident we will have covered attorneys of the company for a cost unlimited, or attorneys to the choice of the customer up to a maximum of 600 euros. The same amounts we will cover in the event of a claim for damages.

last but not least we have the travel assistance. The assistance vehicle will be from mile 0. It will also cover the passengers covering the stay in a hotel with 60 euros per person per day with a maximum of 3 days.

Third expanded

In the third expanded we will cover, in addition to the above the the breakage of the moon, front, rear and side windows covered. Also in the case of fire that, if is paid off with a total loss and if the car is less than a year we will receive the value of the purchase invoice. If you have more than a year we will receive the market value of the same.

In the case of the theft of the vehicle we will have the same conditions as in the case of fire, that is to say, in case of total loss and less than 1 year of purchase we will have the value of the purchase invoice and if you already have more than a year the market value.

The third expanded this company adds a car replacement because of damage accident or theft.

Genesis Insurance

As mentioned above, Genesis Insurance company, most versatile and customizable in the case of requesting a third-party insurance, with a coverage that will suit best to your desires. Yes, first, in each of the four modes enjoy the following:

We will need travel assistance to individuals from the km0 and all over the world, and to the vehicle from the km0 and throughout Europe. As a minimum, all occupants, including the driver, will have an insurance of 30,000 euros in case of death and 30,000 in the case of disability; although it is expandable in both cases up to 90,000 euros.

As in all insurance, we will enjoy a civil liability mandatory. We will also have a civil liability for a volunteer of 50 million euros.

Third moon

The third parties with moons should be the minimum that we hired, but we use very little of our vehicle. In the case of suffering a damage in any of the crystals, to pay for our account of this element of the workforce will be a large payment, while the recruitment of the repair or replacement of moons there will be no extra economic remarkable. No one is safe from a “chinazo” by the road.

Third moons and theft

The second step of Genesis Insurance is the third party with moons and theft. Employing this mode, add the coverage for theft and fire to the previous. However, it emphasizes that in case of losing the vehicle and the result is a total loss, the insurer will indemnify for the value as new of the vehicle in case you have less than 2 years, and if you have more than 2 years compensation will be paid with the value of selling in the market + 30%, something which not all companies offer them.

Third expanded

We are in the third mode in ascending order in terms of insurance coverages to a third party referred to within Genesis Insurance. The insurance company called a a third party extended, and that is that every time is more like an all risk insurance. In this case, we will add it to the previous step a new vehicle in case of fire and total loss, but not for this reason renounce the new vehicle in case of theft claim; all this always in case you have less than 2 years, because if you have more compensation will be paid with the value of selling in the market + 30%. In this way, if our car is on fire or stolen, causing a total loss we will have some good warranties.

Third Pack Full

The “Top”, to quote from it in any way of the third of Genesis is the “third party Pack” and it is practically an all-risk. The third expanded we will add coverage for a new vehicle in the event that we suffer a total loss through an accident and being convicted the driver and where the vehicle is less than two years, while that for vehicles more than two years indeniza with the sale value in the market sumandole a 30% extra. Coverage is very interesting and never before seen. If you want to compare all the features of the insurance to a third-party Genesis Insurance you can enter in your comparator insurance online.

Toyota RAV4 prueba choque IIHS

Direct Insurance

Third base

It will cover the legal minimum of obligatory and voluntary civil responsibility, defence and claims for damages. On the other hand we will have a compensation of up to € 15,000 for death or disability, although you can extend up to 60,000 euros. In the case of roadside assistance, we have to choose between domestic or foreign (Spain, Europe and Morocco) and standard or full. The standard support will only cover in case of accident or breakdown, while the full includes puncture, lack of fuel, theft and loss of keys. Appeal of fines and vehicle replacement, among other things, implies a disbursement extra. Regarding the claim of damages, on the website of the insurance claim that takes charge of the costs of advice, representation and assistance in the case of judgment, but does not state if the cost could be infinite.

Third expanded

The main coverage options remain unchanged. Added coverage in case of theft of the vehicle do not specify if you also are in charge of the personal objects that we may have in the interior and that it has been stolen. Will be in charge of the damages in moons, side windows or the sun roof. In case of fire this company says to take charge of the repair of the vehicle or to indemnify in the event that it is declared a total loss, but does not represent either percentages or values as a function of age or type of vehicle.

we have Not wanted to make mention of the prices since, making various budgets as “fictitious” varied a lot depending on the company, place of residence, bonuses, age of policyholder and driver, vehicle type, horsepower, years of seniority and a long etcetera. It is therefore advisable to ask for quotes from various companies.