What new Alfa Romeo Giulietta propulsion rear?


The new Giulietta could be of propulsion rear. Before we will see a facelift of the current model

The unstoppable advance of the Alfa Romeo will allow him to face the German trio in the most important segments. The next year, if there are no more delays, will be officially launched the imposing saloon average Alfa Romeo Giulia, which will give way to an SUV is completely new. But not all are going to be vehicles of average size, in relation to the compact range are beginning to emerge, information that reveal small hints to the future Alfa Romeo segment C.

A shortened version of the platform of the Giulia

the next generation of The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is likely to be passed to the propulsion rear. According to the source, in a recent event of the group Fiat-Chrysler Automobile (FCA) the chief of design Alberto Dillilio stated that the new Giulietta will use a shortened version of the platform of the Giulia. Which means that the compact could inherit the propulsion rear of the sedan average, but failed to sign this detail since it only states that it is “technically feasible“.

Compact premium like the BMW 1-Series, Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class will be the main rivals for the next Giulietta will increase category to be the height. Only the BMW in Europe dares to maintain, at least for the moment, the propulsion rear of series in your compact. Not to be the next generation to pass the front wheel drive platform UKL.


The next Alfa Romeo Giulietta will face the BMW 1 Series, Audi A3 and Mercedesde Class

however there is something that unites its three German rivals, all equipped with all-wheel drive in their top models. In this sense the Alfa Romeo might also equip your compact four-wheel drive versions higher to face face to face their strongest rivals. All of this will serve not only to that Alfa Romeo will not again become vehicles of Fiat on the inside, leading to better models of both brands in the future, but also for allow versions very powerful.

With the rear-wheel-drive standard and all-wheel-drive versions higher the new Giulietta will be able to equip more powerful engines that allow her to compete in fair play with the germans. For example, a rival for the BMW m135i to 326 HP and propulsion rear or a competitor for the Volkswagen Golf R 300 HP and traction to all four wheels.

the rest of the range will be composed of diesel and petrol engines more content with a wide range of powers. According to the source we will know more details of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta following the launch of the Giulia, since the greater part of the efforts of the italians right now are focused on the very important launch of the sedan media.