What new change of colour for the McLaren-Honda MP4-31?

McLaren MP4-30The past year, discussing a change of color for the McLaren-Honda MP4-30, finally presented the car with the design that kept with Mercedes as is, but it came to voting for him the orange typical of McLaren, the white and red was the dominant McLaren-Honda, etc., which if made clear from Woking was that there would be decoration to final for the entire season and would news.

it was So, but again returned to surprise us with a decor graphite grey that does not please many people. For this season, have been changed to the official team shirts of the team, as we reported in an article a while ago, leaving them to see in a spot of Santander. Well, 2016 could also bring surprises in that sense, the coloration of the MP4-31 will change and for the moment it is all a secret and we don’t know anything for sure, so you have to be cautious and not take these rumors as truth until we see the car in the presentation.

McLaren MP4-30 color nuevoMcLaren would have asked their employees of Woking to keep silence and not to reveal any details about the decoration of the MP4-31. What colors will be amazed at the McLaren-Honda this year? Since we don’t know, but hopefully they are nice. We’ll have to wait about 20 days to know what will be the new car that diputará the championship of 2016. Again rumored with the black-and-white (the red legendary is hard to come back for themes of sponsors…) or the orange.

Be that as it may, the new car of Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, could change. And I say this in the conditional because they are only rumors and there is to confirm. In fact, from the same source that announced the change, have also said that “it is Also possible that you do not change anything.“. So we do not know if it is a strategy to create expectation or truly change anything. Maybe the brand new Moet that the sponsor is the source of the change if there are…