What new concept of electric and autonomous from Volkswagen? Look at these patents filtered

Patente de un Concept Eléctrico y Autónomo de Volkswagen

With a very smooth design and a overly futuristic. So it shows us this new concept.

Thanks to a filtration performed by a user of a forum of fans of Volkswagen, the patents that we show you in this article refer to the new concept of electric and autonomous in that you will work with the German manufacturer. With an image that seems straight out of a science fiction movie that is premiering in the movie theatres, their design, we feel overly emotional and futuristic with respect to what the brand has accustomed us.

According to this user on the forum has been made public by these patents, have been obtained through HOST (Intellectual Property Office of the European Union) where Volkswagen has held the record. Given its design, we find a model-type coupe with a silhouette very elongated, which combines details very smooth and fluid with some forms very muscular as the front and rear fenders.

The resulting combination of the changes of forms and elongated profile is one body with a aerodynamic very elaborate that should offer a very high efficiency. Something very important when we talk about an electric vehicle as it is a factor that had a direct impact on autonomy. If we pay special attention to the front we see the the absence of a windshield, conventional.

Patente de un Concept Eléctrico y Autónomo de Volkswagen

Your front leaves no margin to doubt, we are in front of an autonomous vehicle.

this Is a detail that reveals that we are in an autonomous car. The lack of a windshield conventional, the occupants inside will be able to enjoy all kinds of information projected in said place. An environment in which screens surround us and that we can customize the information to which we have access. All this focus to enjoy an interior custom to our needs.

Another of the elements that we reveal that we are presented with a vision of how they will be autonomous cars in the future is that lacks mirrors. It is more, nor it has the small camera systems that we are already accustomed to see in other prototypes. We assume that this concept will also feature a series of cameras to be able to cater to the traffic that surrounds us on the road, but will be integrated into the design.

In general and by what we have seen, we are to a concept that has little or nothing to do with what is shown by Volkswagen to date. Is more, the latest prototype that the brand presented (recently) was the Volkswagen I. D. Concept, a design mode first glimpse of the family of electric vehicles that will launch the brand in the coming years. And more specifically, the first member of that electric range. Will this prototype that we see in the patent is the second member of the family of electric vehicles from Volkswagen? Time will tell.

Patente de un Concept Eléctrico y Autónomo de Volkswagen

In the rear, details such as lights design horizontal or the air blower to our attention.