What os would seem if the next Volkswagen Golf GTI out hybrid?


Shortly before the end of the year we saw the restyling that received the Volkswagen Golf. Minor cosmetic changes, although its good point was the introduction of a larger set of technological systems as well as the arrival of a new engine 1.5 TSI which will replace the current 1.4. Soon we will see the Volkswagen Golf 2017 our streets, knowing also that the versions GTI will be available with outputs of 230 CV in the Golf GTI “normal” and 245 in the GTI Performance.

Despite the fact that this restyling will come to the european market during the next few weeks, Volkswagen is already working on the next generation, which will be the Volkswagen Golf VIII. This eighth generation of the king of the compact is expected to be released to the end of 2019 or early 2020. there is Still a lot to these dates, but everything seems to indicate that the next Volkswagen Golf GTI will not be powered by a single engine.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017

According to claim Coach, the mythical version GTI Golf would come in the year 2020 with a hybrid drive system. On the side of the heat engine, the compact German could to continue using the well-known 2.0 TSI of gasoline, although the boost would come from an electric compressor. This petrol engine would be supplemented by a electric system 48-volt, being able to reach allegedly some figures of the power that reaching around 270 HP. For its part, would continue to use the MQB platform, although conveniently adapted for alternative-fuel vehicles.

If quoted by Coach is confirmed, the Volkswagen Golf GTI VIII would greatly enhance the power and torque of the version that will arrive to our dealers in a few weeks. In addition to this, the hybrid system also would reduce significantly the fuel consumption and emission figures pollutants. Basically we could say that we have a Volkswagen Golf GTE is much more prestacional that the current, although the normal thing would be to keep the iconic initials GTI.

Source – Coach

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