What place leaves the BMW M235i the new (and tempting) BMW M2?Is it worth the paying extra?

The new BMW M2 has already reached the dealerships and has done so with a suggestive price of 62.900 euros which lowers considerably the price of access to a BMW M, until now located in the 89.950 euros of the BMW M3, but, how will this affect the BMW M235i?Do you suffer your sales?

What are the differences between the BMW M2 and BMW M235i?

The differences between the BMW M235i and its big brother, the BMW M2, are quite remarkable and do not have as much to do with the engine itself, with its tuning, peripherals that surround it and its aesthetics. Under the hood beats in both cases, a supercharged 6-cylinder in-line, a mechanism that in the case of the M235i develops 326 hp and that in the case of the BMW M2 stands up to the 370 horses. The block of M2 part of the employee for the M235i, although, of course, properly tuned for the occasion.

BMW M2 inherits the aluminium shafts of the BMW M3, with the changes in your brakes and suspensions that this implies, it also features a active differential M and an additional width that stops to view some wide tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport. In addition, BMW has distributed a series of pumps to ensure the smooth flow of oil in the more demanding situations, rolling in circuit.

it Has therefore more power (also more torque) and a better part cycle, with substantial changes, and not a simple evolution, but there is still more: the changes in your design.

it is, in its interior you will not notice too many differences. Sports seats (that grip of wonder), a wheel M, thresholds for doors and alcantara and stitching in blue on the gear knob and hand brake… but the relevant changes are in its exterior, where we find some suggestive flared wheel arches, diffuser, rear with the four exhaust outlets and a new design for the front bumper, ready to channel the air to improve the cooling.

how Much is the BMW M235i?And what about the BMW M2?

ok_1440_bmw-serie-2-coupe-11BMW M currently enjoys a good rate of sales. In 2015 it is sold 62.400 units between BMW M and M Performance.

The BMW M235i has a starting price of 49.500 euros for the version with manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive, 52.268 euros if we go to the version with automatic transmission. In addition there is a version with all-wheel drive (automatic) 54.300 euros. If you prefer cabrio, the starting price is of 55.950 euros.

The BMW M2 part from the 62.900 euros while the alternative to automatic it goes up to 67.700 euro.

The difference between the manual versions, is 13.400 euros, an amount outlay, yes, but at the cost of substantial improvements, more exclusivity, a dynamic that dazzles, a better appearance… all a temptation.

graphical Comparison between the BMW M2 and BMW M235i:




we have Already tested, soon all the impressions of the new BMW M2

Yes, we have already put behind the wheel of the new BMW M2, we tested the manual version and has convinced us, with a philosophy well-differentiated of the BMW M2 and large arguments dynamic. Soon we will tell you more.