What planned obsolescence? This C5 Corvette has 1.142.589 miles and the V8 engine original

we Seem to think that a sporty burns from the 150,000 miles. But we should not be afraid of a car with many kilometers if it has been well maintained and treated. Some time ago I’ve talked about several vehicles that had left a million miles very back, as well as a Toyota Supra with the engine’s maximum power and more than 800,000 km on its odometer. The protagonist of the day is a Chevrolet Corvette C5 2000, equipped with a motor 5.7 V8 LS1 and nothing less than 1.142.589 kilometers.

Did someone say planned obsolescence? Here you have the complete history of maintenance on this Corvette C5.

Mark is the owner of this C5 Corvette. Lives in Jacksonville, Florida (USA). Is a place hot and humid, and while it is not an area in which the cars are rusting, the heat and humidity are not the best friends of a conservation mechanical ideal. It is the fifth Corvette of Mark, a real fan of the brand. For work travels very often to the state of Georgia, traveling an annual average of about 80,000 kilometers. Why not use a diesel vehicle or a car more efficient? Because you like Corvettes.

corvette-c5-kilometraje-1Be that as it may, it’s amazing to have been able to go through 1.15 million miles with the V8 engine original. The small-block General Motors engines which are reliable, and relatively tight. The LS1 in the Corvette develops 355 HP, and is known for a good mechanical strength, very far from the endemic evils and electrical problems of the LT1 that replaced in the mid 90’s. If the engine is original, it probably consumes oil and has needed periodic changes of components such as alternators, or any other board.

The transmission has not endured the same, and was replaced a few years ago. Its owner says the same thing that all the owners of these veterans-on-wheels: maintenance neat and preventive, smooth ride and treatment of a gentile. It is everything you need for a car as a Corvette lasts for more than a million miles. The previous Corvette of Mark (a C4, of the year 91) was delivered to the dealer with almost 600,000 miles, and thought that it would be advisable to stretch something over their cars, taking into account your annual mileage.

If something it has in common with other cars with extremely high mileage – mechanically – is a maximum torque of the engine of a certain displacement, a little “tight” and solid proven.

Source: Jalopnik