What politician could you share car?

Jerry Seinfeld, actor and comedian best known for his role semibiogr√°fico in the famous series titled with your last name, stars from years ago in a series titled Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The dynamics of the program is easy, Seinfeld, and actor, share a car trip by taking a few coffees and chatted for a while. Let’s say that it is a peculiar combination between an interview, an informal chat, a duo of humor, and a programme of cars, because the vehicles that are likely to appear are true jewels. Remember that Jerry Seinfeld is a lover and collector of cars. What is curious in this case is that Seinfeld, in his next season which will begin in a few days, has shared a car with Barack Obama, which though sympathetic, has not yet worked as a comedian.

to The thread of this story I was imagining as it should be to share a car with some of the leaders of the world. Take a coffee and some pretzels with Angela Merkel, first-hand knowledge of the techniques to avoid conversations of brothers-in-law and family in the christmas celebrations of Kim Jong-un, or receive the advice of Vladimir Putin to quit favored in pictures riding horseback without a shirt, or hunting bears.

what about you, what politician could you share a car?