What Quiet Mode? the Aston Martin DB11 will not make noise… if you want to

The Aston Martin DB11 is the great novelty of Aston Martin for many reasons, but if we have to point out one among all, that is his new engine 5.2 V12 Twin-Turbo 608 CV and the latest technology to be as prestacional as efficient. The big question that we all had with this engine is if with the new philosophy had lost its guttural sound, and shortly after we breathe easy in the knowledge that is still there but… why then, Aston Martin has introduced a boot mode quiet on the Aston Martin DB11?


Wake up to the Aston Martin DB11 in silent mode only needs to press the start button for a longer time

Although you may be hard to believe, Aston Martin’s engineers have decided to install a bootloader mode silent or quiet start mode in the new 5.2 V12 Twin-Turbo Aston Martin DB11. This mode assures his driver that the boot of the propellant will not be the classic, to the pair of spectacular sound, which characterizes this type of sports. The goal behind the “Quiet Start Mode” is to provide the brand’s customers the ability to choose when they want to go unnoticed, and when you prefer to awaken to the true roar of its V12.

With examples as clear as the excessive sound emanating from the exhaust of a Jaguar F-Type, say in the mark that is legal… at Aston Martin have wanted to leave to the will of their clients the right time to bring out the best melody of the DB11. The default mode enabled is the normal boot, with a roar intense own of a motor of this type, however, if the driver stops pushing the start button for a moment more than necessary, the engine will come to life in the silent mode, thus managing to pass more unnoticed.

1440_aston-martin-db11-2016-04During the first tests of the Aston Martin DB11, have been several testers have commented on the curious thing of this feature, confirming that there is a clear difference between a type of boot, and another. Be that as it may, this peculiar idea of Aston Martin just seems to fit in with a manufacturer such as Aston, where, in addition to sportsmanship is looking for that elegance and distinction that both defend.

what about you, would you use the “Quiet Start Mode” in your Aston Martin DB11?

Source: Autoblog | Aston Martin