What revolution at Mclaren Honda for 2017?


for years, the teams attempt to create two teams of
independent engineers who work in different projects
. Is the
the case of McLaren, which has a group assigned to the car
2017 which takes time working on it. This has been confirmed by Eric
Boullier told the official website of the Formula 1. “When
I joined McLaren had the idea of a concept and a philosophy
that now allows us to develop the car. All that we are
doing it in this car are going to apply to the next
season. It is a transfer of knowledge and technology, so
it is right to say that we are already working on the car
next year. Some of the knowledge you acquire this year
are directly applicable. Others are not, but their understanding
it allows us to grow faster
, said the French.

Understanding with Honda

Since Yusuke Hasegawa took command of the division
sport-Honda’s F1, everyone in McLaren claim the positive change
that has led to the understanding between the two corporations.
“Clearly, Hasegawa understands our needs, which are
also the Honda. They are already working hard on the engine, 2017.
The opportunity to accelerate the development is the key for us
and for Honda. the changes for 2017 are positive for our team
and also for the spectacle of Formula 1. With Honda we speak
to another level”

“For next season we can change it all

Hasegawa so says also, as you can get rid of the
statements offered to Motorsport.com. In them, the leader
japanese admits that the prospect of starting from scratch with the
propeller has opened after the confirmation of the new rules.
“of course, for next season we can change everything.
We have not yet decided the exact specification or their
available, but it is better to have a range of options wider.
What we have to do, what we will do”

One of the keys of the engine is the arrangement of the turbocharger.
Honda is the only rider who places in the interior of the V of
the cylinders, thus trying to have a smaller set and
, something that allows McLaren to adopt the design called
‘size zero’ and consists in minimizing the bonnet drastically
for a better aerodynamic performance. As a counterpart, complicated
the ability of the engine to recover energy, one of the
main weaknesses of Honda since his debut in 2015.

it Is, therefore, vital that Honda decide soon which path to take
so that McLaren can act in consequence with the new car
In regard to the present season, Honda has prepared
multiple updates, but has not yet decided when the
will be implemented in the competition, if in Monaco or in Canada.