What sacrilege or genius necessary? A preparer will install a V8 in the BMW i8

BMW i8 a car is revolutionary. A machine built almost entirely of carbon fiber, with a train of hybrid propulsion in its belly. The supercar of the future, able to develop 362 HP with a ridiculous consumption, thanks to the combination of electric motors and a powerful 1.5 turbo 231 HP three-cylinder. Some classed it as the spiritual successor of the BMW Series 8. A preparer German has begun a project that will make it even better: install a engine 4.4 V8 TwinTurbo in his bowels. Speaking of 800 HP.

Is it a sacrilege to remove the train thruster hybrid BMW i8 and replace it with a V8?

The trainer is Gabura Racing Technologies, and has already begun its work on the hybrid of high German technology. The train thruster hybrid BMW i8 may be removed from the chassis – we are already thinking about what car would be a good fit – and replaced by a huge 4.4 V8 dually supercharged, from a BMW M6. Maybe installed in the M6 propellant of the i8, although I doubt it. The engine develops no less than 560 HP as standard, but will be sent to Alpine, to modify it and take its power up to 800 HP.


In this way, the BMW i8 would double your power, enhancing all your records and performance. Now, you will lose the feeling of technology and refined that it currently enjoys. Gabura also replace the gearbox BMW i8, replacing it by a gearbox sequential six relationships of unknown origin. The funny thing is that the coach insists on calling his creation “high-tech” competition”, so that your goal could be to create a devouring monster of paths.

Interestingly, the V8 source Alpina-BMW will be installed in the front part of the BMW i8, where until now there were only electric motors. The running gear will be adapted and improved, with the goal of creating a machine balanced. The chassis will be modified extensively, and in fact, the image that presides over these lines one can already verify that the engine has been installed on a new front subframe. In a few months the project will be completely ready and you will be able to teach the full.


Source: Jalopnik
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